Meal rules clarification

Hi! Did the experimental rule from this thread, to allow consuming meals at any time, roll over to spring and summer of this year?

I had 100% forgotten the thread- if that post does still overwrite the rulebook then i think it would benefit from a re-announcement.

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As far as I was made aware yes! Cooks, myself included, were operating under the rule of meals can be made at any point and distributed and that they then can be consumed at any point as long as it was not actively during combat.

So as long as it was eaten during a time of leisure or rest between fights. Staff please correct me if I am wrong :+1:

clarification will be posted as soon as I work off my event sleep debt and have a talk with Brian and Haley


Out of curiosity, does the hot plate have a new use now? The experimental rule of allowing meals to be eaten at any time (out of battle) makes the item rather defunct.