Favorite Moments: Fire 1723

Thank you all for a wonderful festival! Tell me all of your favourite moments :heart:


Ducky as Naval Midshipman while we’re in the dinner line:
“Increased trade with Onzek would be beneficial, but I have no clue how to get in touch with the Onzekkan ambassador”

Haley not two minutes later in the middle of the tavern:
“You may have thought I was Wilhelmina, but actually it was I, Prince Lavania, the entire time.”

“They were directly behind you as you said you had no clue where they were”

Ducky, kinda shouting the first part:
“God damn it, well, if you can get their support…”

The timing just couldn’t have been better.

  • I know it’s bad but walking into the signpost after having BIG FEELINGS ABOUT ACTUAL CONSEQUENCES and not having to redo my scar makeup again was nice and hilarious to me

  • Isaac’s Bachelor Party!!!

  • I don’t remember what it was, but when I asked the Haley shaped spider what type of tea we were drinking and they said something oolong that was a bug pun I nearly died

  • LilyDean’s Fly servant was delightful, especially the hand washing with the lberfhgh sound

-theres a lot more but this is what’s fresh right now


The brief standoff between me and the Pat-shaped McHenry soldier where I just barely got to him in time to keep Annaliese from going crit.
The amount of concern from everyone about the gold tears (don’t worry about it :slight_smile: )
Making the decision to go grab a downed but not crit enemy and make Nathrach bring Damienne back to life with them, only to find Nathrach cradling a soul across the battlefield and going “put that in my wife please”
The amount of times I heard “Sibella, when you have a moment?” And got pulled off to some silly shenanigan.
Giving Prudence what I thought would be an obvious choice and her choosing the abjectly incorrect option. Guess I’m wooing Thaddeus now?
Hot Sauce Competition! Thank you to everyone who participated (also who took a bottle home with them? :joy:)

  • Isaac: Am I going to die?
    Me, as a nameless Winter Witch diehard fan: Yes
    Isaac: I can’t die, I gotta get married!
    Me: that sucks bro
    Isaac: Do you… are you good at vows?
    Me: Uhh, I can try
    Isaac: Okay, I need her to know that I love her so SO MUCH
    Me, just before pushing him into the boxing ring: okay that’ll be 20 ducats bro, good luck
  • Kate, walking into staff center Saturday night (?): So they’ve named the blood worm queen Thicc Eliot…
  • Lou, to Ravil: hey, can you help me with crime, you seem like you’re good at it
    Ravil: you can’t afford me
  • voice ghosting the screaming wood Hobbes was using to carve a ship figurehead and screeching extremely loudly as the group going to the mines walked by and a number of them looking at me-not-here and then at Hobbes right as he started carving again and I started screaming again, and then probably most of them going “is everything okay?? umm???” and Hobbes just going “everything’s fine doN’T WORRY ABOUT IT”
  • being an obnoxious scared kid who was harassed by poleviks and then immediately 1. recovered and then 2. started the “Why?” question train on anyone I could get it to work on, including Alden-I-Think-Maybe who when asked why he turned into a ghost for fun just said “because it’s fun” and then shunted me onto Annaliese
  • absolutely cackling behind the tarp at Awkward Spider Tea as Jack and Haley waxed poetic about the indignities of their siblings being cooked into omelets and cakes
  • Port Katherine has once again done me the injustice of Making Enemy Medic Run
  • everyone who gave me OOG taste feedback on my drinks and snacks was really positive and encouraging and I just. :sob:
  • me, in staff center, extremely punchy after McHenry fight: next time Ravil starts ice striking people I really really want to throw a packet with no mechanical effect and just say “Baby Strike”
  • taking a nice little ghost walk with Prudence and not being able to will-o-wisp her away bc she was incorporeal, extremely rude to wisp but extremely funny to me

Come to the murder shack at the 12th bell if you want your ass kicked


Watching Reveries face after the cream of gushroom soup experience she had. And later learning that Ducky tried it and seriously contemplated his life choices after.


ohhh how could I forget drawing an uwu and owo for Kovatch as soot sprites, what perfect creatures

  • What happens in the murdershack stays in the murdershack. All I know is I was off duty and talking with Ray.
  • Due to an elixir I ran up the hill so many times
  • Fighting summers champion in a very fair short weapon v short weapon fight. The Champion was very kind in that regard since I only asked for a one weapon v one weapon fight. Thank you summers champion.
  • Claiming the Foxe’s pit at the boss’s request. Captian Zeeke and I were there before anyone else.
  • Admiral’s call during the final battle and getting snipped immediately after finishing the elixir. That felt so epic.
  • Having two different emotion filled conversations about Ffion/the Prioress with Annaliese and then later with Anna and the Pilgrim of the Friars
  • Low key thanks to Emile for giving me a warning beforehand about what was going on with the Penitent Order.
  • A honestly very helpful talk with Prudence that involved no commerce during an interception. Thankfully that commerce was instead done around lunch.
  • Mimicking the towns best skirmisher to avoid getting hit by any of the steam while holding down the boiler support.
  • Getting asked repeatedly why I wasn’t wearing pants when my shirt happened to be longer than them. I appreciate this came from more of the townsfolk and not Hobbes and co when I accompanied them to the carving gift.
  • Gideon saves Operation The Fuck are the Shadows Doing Around the Fae Gate from total disaster. (Also probably saves my life)
  • Someone taking my hat out of my hand during surgery only for Slaine to put it back in my hand.

At dinner-
Amity: You gave my spa membership card…to Panther?
Steadfast: (looking sheepish) It was the first one I grabbed.
Amity: (glares in Amity) To. Panther.
Steadfast: I can make you another one.
Amity: (continues glaring in Amity) Steadfast, this is the first blemish in an otherwise spotless service record.

Murder Shack.

Squeak, Squeak, SQUEAK, squeak. A tip of the hat to Ray.

Hobbes trounces Eliot in a duel. Eliot is unconscious and venomed. Amity pours some kind of pain purify in his mouth because he’s late to muster. I tend him awake. Eliot awakens screaming. Bees man.


Your hot sauce was stolen in some shenanigans and i fully forgot we had it at end of game, oops


Lol, no worries! Do you know which kind it was? I still have the dill ranch and mushroom so I’m happy.


Truly no idea. A couple of Tiyagans may hypothetically have been pocketing hot sauce on their way of out of town


I support that :joy::joy:


Ah. I mean, sounds like some fair play to me considering one of them saw the hot sauce that somehow ended up in the tavern instead of their camp.


A fox to James: “Clarify, do you speak cat?”
Well, as of earlier this Festival, James sure does!

Reading my BGS and seeing a path forward for more boxing plot

Learning a group of players went off island and got to box one of the pros! So jealous!


One more- when the group went down in the bloodworm mod and we pushed in hard to rescue the downed PCs. Finally getting to where they all were excited to save them only to ourselves be trapped and thinking “Looks like I’m gonna be eaten.” But we pull it off. I got Hobbes most of the way out, I passed him off after getting maimed and then got Ori out. It was harrowing.


Me: “Hey, Veil, think you can pick me up in a couple seconds?” Gestures towards a group of McHenryites
Veil: “With all them standing there? Probably not”
I show him a Fireblast trap in my hand
Veil: “Yeah, I can probably get you.”
So with only 1 or 2 vit, I run in to 4 McHenryites (2 medics, 2 ???), pull the pin, 3 out of 4 drop, the 4th calls resist, reminding me I have one ‘avoid traps’, also
I try to retreat while fighting only to immediately go down and have Czeslawa and Veil both grab me. Good times


Its so much fun, isnt it?! :smiley:


Sooo Much Fun!!!