Winter 22 favorite moments and quotes

this one was a rollercoaster, wasn’t it?


Literally while I was in the middle of laying on the ground next to the cannon complaining that the town had pushed the Beanie Bois out of my line of fire, four of the enemy round the back side of the tavern and start flanking. I was so surprised I forgot the proper call in the moment, but “Fireblast, You you and you!” Seemed to convey the point, and with only one attacker left (until two of them remembered they were actually incorporeal or something, and stood back up) the flanking action was fairly well broken and the town was able to rally the defense.

And following that, because I had left my sword out of reach I wasn’t able to defend against the one who survived the blast and came for me, but after a hit on the right arm I played dead and he just stopped attacking me, so when he turned his back I stood up, grabbed my sword left handed, and stabbed him in the back. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, the person with the rams horns (I don’t remember your name) running up to someone with chest armor and calling “BREAK!” and the confusion until we realized they meant “SHATTER” was a good laugh all around.

In an earlier battle outside the mod building, while many of us were dying, Ducky had one of the Beanie spiritualists spirit blade his sword.

His only sword.

So when he was left alone and someone managed to resist/avoid his gunshot, he voiced immediate regret of his life choices and started trying to spirit blade a corporeal person, for hilarious results.


[everyone mocking Isaac for being rooted]

2 minutes later

[Ice creature roots everyone at once and then walks away while throwing the odd ice strike]

  • Venoming and capturing Admiral Beans only to drop them off at Ravil’s feet mid surgery. It cost all my vit but one and an arm to do but I have never felt more hype about something I did.
  • Getting told in the first fight with the Beanie Bois not to go off on my own by Silas when the lines had pushed up well passed our criticaled townspeople. Successfully pulled three to the hospital before the fighting stopped.
  • Taking four people with Bosun St. Stern and myself to capture a shore battery, ending up in a fight on the way, then arriving at the shore battery with a small army.
  • Running into St. Stern leading the new arrivals to the town and getting to introduce them to people.
  • Getting told yet again not to wander off on my own by Silas after the supply drop at the Pitball pit was finished and I started towards the one at the Zip line. Gideon caught up to me and we successfully recovered those two crates.
  • Making four boats for remembrance with the last one being for Lillywhite. In true fashion that boat burned the brightest of the four I put out.
  • Figuring out why Assassins keep coming for Prosperity.
  • Being so glad I gave the grain to Rhett to have bread right before going into the ship that was on the shore and full of revenants.
    *Getting downed in the first fight with the Beanie bois, a critical call starting only for Z.E.D. to jump in, also get downed a crit start on him, only for Pleasant to jump in and save the both of us.
  • Teaching people to make boats only for Lillywhite to say “Oh good you know how to do that. I had been making catamarans for people since we couldn’t do the boat.” Sadly those were the last words I got to hear.

The novelty of throwing a furious flurry of pastries hasn’t worn off yet. Some of Bean’s soldiers were pretty insulted, and I for one, was so happy!

“Did she just KILL him with cake?!?!?”
(Being able to put venom vials on thrown weapons is so good)

In other pastry news, Lillywhite’s last words to Seren were: “I mean, if you make me a Crepe, I won’t say no.”

Poor man was late to lunch and didn’t even get to have any Crepes before the battle broke out :sob:


Squid mod. Nightmare fuel for ages. Words does not do it justice. We are alive and very likely should have all been dead.

During the big fight I was covering the side entrance to the hospital in a two vs. one situation. Me, one Vit, no skills left. I held them off for a minute or two but I was down an arm and then a leg. I was certain this was going to be my trip to the hospital and then Reverie comes in from behind and fends them off until others can join. I owe Reverie for saving my bacon!


Between waves of McHenry loyalists, Stev and I read a Spiritual Perception 2 tag together, and got force-shunted into incorporeality. I spent most of the next wave taunting the enemy because I can’t Walk Without Spirits, yet.

Though one of the enemy Spiritualists decided to Walk with Spirits to fight me, and that was fun (you are always a joy to duel, Sammie!)


The terror of being at meeting of prominent non-combatants and a bunch of NPCs accidentally wandering in and taking out all the socialites was a harrowing experience.


Screaming with you in squid mod will be a fond and traumatizing memory. I truly do not know how we survived that hellscape of a boat.


The brief terror of Crunchies becoming “in game” as I was walking by, only for Haley to decide they were going to let me by. I honestly thought, for a moment, that I was going to die just because I wanted my warm cloak.


Haley coming up in navy gear asking for (Joy) and just seeming… Off. Had my pistol half out and cocked before she even got to the navy folks, and had a bullet in her back about a second after the assassinate failed to land. Then we all spent about a minute roasting her infiltration and assassination skills before we sent her to jail


Not in cohesive order but
-Prudence giving Damienne deets on the tentacle mod and also permission to put that where the Thaddeus and prudence novel takes place

  • literally the moment my thumb got dislocated is so funny to me cause it means Stefan and I fight too similar now or something, also super grateful for all the help from folks this weekend around that

-still managing to fight okay left-handed

The last McHenry fight before I went down and into surgery the last time shouting “IS THIS WHAT ITS LIKE FOR Y’ALL WITHOUT CHEST ARMOR” And the resounding YES in reply from like 6 people

-holy shit I could not have had taken that white bead at a better time

  • the disco ball that leant ambience to surgery
  • going out as my Compliance Officer to take an official report on the suspicious Orb used by the surgeons. Having never seen the Orb before, I immediately assumed the disco ball hanging in the hospital was the item…

  • Clarity after being shot, just in utter disbelief that someone SHOT HER! With a GUN! and a BULLET! To the very slight eye rolls of all the other people in the hospital who had been shot six times in the past day.

  • I really, truly enjoyed Zlota meeting. I don’t think we’ve ever tried to get all the Zlotans together as a group before, and it was really lovely.

  • Ffion is always the most fun to play! I had some really good roleplay with a few different people about religion and belief and the fae, and it was exactly the kind of thing I staff this larp for <3

  • Shout-out to Samuel Kovach for knowing how to fold the boats, because I forgot to bring instructions or prepare in any way

  • The moment in staff center when we learned a player died. We all made some kind of assumption in our heads about who it was in the four seconds after hearing that, but, based on the shocked gasps and yells, no one thought Lilywhite would be our first death


During the last fight, saying “I pick you up” to Damienne who had just been knocked down.

D (quietly): “That’s not the voice I wanted to hear”


Yes, I came into staff center and announced:

“So, 20 surgeries.”


“A player finaled.”

(bigger gasps)

“It was Lilywhite.”

(stunned silence)


Hey, better than getting a “who?”


I definitely remember it as loud, incoherent yelling of disbelief


“Your son is a disappointment!” “My son has ALWAYS been a dissapoint-” falls over of being stabbed

I loved yelling at you all about betraying the queen!


You were a delight to attempt to taunt. Someone said we needed a pinpoint on where beans was and to keep her talking and bitch o clock hit or something

  1. Cleary walking into the hospital, checking out various people until she reaches Lilywhite slumped in a chair. She checked his pulse and slowly realized he was DEAD
    Just looking at Zhany in disbelief

  2. Feeling something hit my chest armor in the final fight, starting to tell Damienne I’m fine and being told no bud there is a GIANT HOLE IN YOUR CHEST, touching it and then just falling like a tree
    Sadly half the town was already in the hospital by then and it was dark so hardly anyone got to see the drama

  3. Literally every single one I told not believing me when I said Lilywhite was dead

  4. Finding the cookies!! I was so pleased to wake up and see little packages with bows everywhere :pleading_face::bear:

  5. I agree it was lovely to stare at the disco ball while being surgeried. I want that disco ball.

I wish I could think of more happy favorites but it was rough one