Weakness and Guns

During the Tiyagian’s attack on our public works, there was a Clarification that someone couldn’t shoot their gun while Weakened. Having re-read the rules book, it explicitly states that one can shoot, but not load, a gun while weakened.

I just wanted to clarify that this was a mid-battle mistake, and not a rules change that didn’t make it into the v1.5 print of the rules.

(I also wanted to get staff input on this rule because the ‘clarified’ version was getting passed person to person over the course of the day)

Weakness: For 5 minutes, you can’t use Parry, melee/thrown weapon calls, or melee/thrown weapon
augments. You may fire a gun (and should still call the effect it was loaded with), but you cannot reload


I am also curious about this, plus have another weakness question I’d like to piggyback here: can you fight at all while recovering from surgery?

The special weakness-like effect you take from surgery/Revive specifies that you “cannot use any skills, including weapon skills.” Some parts of the manual seem to use “weapon skill” synonymously with “weapon call.” But, “One-Handed Weapon” is a skill, a skill which lets you use a weapon; so you might call it a “weapon skill.” Can you fight as if under a normal Weakness after a surgery, or are you unable to even lift a sword?


That was a wrong call on my part due to runtime fog. Thank you for rolling with it, but should be ignored going forward.


The post-Surgery rule is intended to apply to things like the “one-handed weapon” skill too.

Sit down, rest, get some water. You’re not intended to leap from surgery right back into the same combat you got taken out in.