War Updates (to BGS)

You are free of occupation! However shipping to and from Port Katherine is still significantly constrained, and will continue to be until Tiyago is seriously on the defensive.

Individuals can work or pay their way on vessels already traveling back and forth, and larger groups can use social favors to try and arrange for space without hard labor or pay.

OOG Clarification:

If you wish to travel off the island of Port Katherine (doing something elsewhere in Kithira, visiting family, researching at a university, helping rebuild Drevnia in person, etc), it will require the normal focus and an additional cost, depending on how you travel:

  • A payment of 10 ducats will cover one berth
  • Hard labor will cover one berth (-3 max vit next event)
  • 5 Political Influence will cover up to five berths on one ship (you all have to be going to the same place)
  • 5 CP worth of other appropriate social skills will cover up to five berths on one ship, but you will owe someone a favor. Additional skill can be spent to reduce the size of the favor, up to a maximum of 10 CP total.

Coordination is not required to pay these costs (since you are already using your focus here). If multiple people are traveling on one ship, the cost can be split between them.

This does not apply if you have your own boat (which has its own mechanic)


Alice and Bob wish to help out in Drevnia with their foci. Alice spends 3 PI and Bob spends 2 PI, and can now travel to Drevnia. If Charlotte also wants to go to Drevnia, she can either pay 10 ducats/work for a berth of her own, or (with permission from Alice and Bob) get a berth in their ship.

David is going to Tojima, and therefore can’t catch a ride with Alice, Bob, and Charlotte, so he’ll have to either work or pay on his own.

Eunise is grabbing a rowboat to check out some of the islands just outside Port Katherine harbor. This only costs a focus, since she isn’t going “off-island” particularly


Can we use PI to fund berths for other people?

Has International PI to Tiyago been changed at all? Is an additional cost?

Yep! This does not require coordination, but please tell us the people you are funding berths for (or who is funding your berth). In the event of a mismatch, we’ll try to make it work, but sufficiently misaligned BGS entries will cause the travel to fail


International PI (to any country) is mediated by the specific NPCs you know and have made friends with in that country. Diplomatic channels (and various underground ones) still exist to let people correspond across the war boundary, but as always, you have to be asking things of the NPCs they are willing to do.