Town Council Summer Fundraiser: Date Auction, Ice Artifice Auction and Bake Sale

Port Katherine,

Town Council will be hosting a fundraiser during Fire in order to replenish our funds after such a long time maintaining our public works on only the funds and goods we had on hand at time of the Occupation. The fundraiser will have a Date Auction, an Ice Artifice Auction and a Bake Sale. The Auctions will open at the 10th evening bell on 1st Fire and close around dinnertime on 2nd Fire. The Bake Sale will be open approximately the hour before dinnertime on 2nd Fire and is open to donations from anyone in town.

A piece of paper will be posted in the tavern for each individual participating or item with a starting bid. The bids must go up in increments of whole ducats. The winning bidder will be expected to pay at auction close or no later than the end of the festival.

Date Auction

The Date Auction will be auctioning off a date with the town councilors who have volunteered. The exact time and place of the date will be determined by the individuals involved, though Souls is the preferred time frame. All individuals will be respectful or else I shall have to become involved.

The following Town Councilors currently intend to participate:

  • Rukiye Maryam no Kershawi Teuthida AlizĂ© min bayt Amira
  • Comptess Frederick Northmarch
  • Sibella Fairfax Egerton
  • Isaac Everhart
  • Remy Locksley
  • Nathrach RĂ­an Quigley
  • Ravil Ibrashev

Ice Artifice Auction

Several members of the town council have requested the services of the town in helping them cool off. The highest bidder shall be entitled to use one (1) melted ice artifice to cool the councilor bid upon. If the weather and schedule permits, this will occur on the morning of 3rd Fire, otherwise it will be rescheduled to Souls.

The following town councilors currently intend to participate:

  • Sibella Fairfax Egerton
  • Isaac Everhart
  • Remy Locksley
  • Nathrach RĂ­an Quigley
  • Ravil Ibrashev

It has been proposed that other individuals may choose to participate. If you intend to do so, let us know or post below and I will add you to the list below.

Townsfolk Participating:

  • Policewoman Samuel Kovatch
  • Rhett Emile Locklan II
  • Francis Charlotte Gunne Amira
  • Averell Bonbrech
  • Annaliese Hossler

Bake Sale

The bake sale will be the hour before dinner. If you wish to donate an appropriate baked good, please post below to be added to the list. Last minute donations are welcomed. Donations of your time to help run the bake sale are also appreciated. Baked goods may be sold portioned or whole. Please make sure to include an ingredient list and a note saying who donated/made it. Any particularly efficacious donation must be approved by Rukiye personally.

The Town Council, as always, deeply appreciates all the work we do as a community to keep our public works running.


Town Councilor Rukiye Maryam Nai’ma bint Maital v’Yasamin v’Jacinta min thaanee bayt Hapaloch Lunata no Kershawi Teuthida Alizé min bayt Amira


I am willing to volunteer to have a melted ice artifice thrown at me for the sake of raising money to the town.

-Policewoman Samuel Kovatch


Thank you very much Kovatch.

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If you would like another volunteer to throw melted ice artifice at, I am happy to put my name down.

((I will get back to you on baked goods. That is very TBD at the moment!))


Thank you Rhett!

Ice isn’t exactly my specialty, but if you need another townsperson, I can also volunteer to have melted ice artifice thrown at me.


To support my fellow ORTC member, I could lend myself to being pelted with melted ice artifice if you need another townsperson.



I will happily volunteer for any role that will help fund the town, should you need more people.

[OOG Edit: If you’re gonna put me in for the water, lmk before I leave on Friday so I can pack the swimsuit, after all.]


Thank you all, I have added you to the list. Your willingness to put your dignity on the line for the public works has been noted.

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