Town Council Elections, Fires '23

Fellow Citizens,

With our recent recovery of our freedom, it is time once again for that most patriotic of endeavors, Town Council Elections! As usual, they will be held on the second of Fires in the early afternoon, during or just after Luncheon. Candidates will be asked to speak briefly on the topic of their reasons for running, and then ballots will be cast.

When casting a ballot, you may vote for up to 8 people. The top eight vote-getters will constitute the Town Council for the next year. In the event of a tie that would make the council larger than 8 people, candidates with more votes than the tied candidates will join the council, candidates with fewer votes than the tied candidates will be eliminated, and a second round of voting with just the tied candidates will be conducted.

In the case of a further tie in the second round of voting, a determination between the tied candidates shall be made randomly.

You are invited to announce your candidacy beforehand with a post on these boards, but can declare your candidacy at any time up to the beginning of candidates’ statements.

Frederick, for the Town Council