Thank you! (From the Kitchen)

Hello everyone! We had a very busy Summer festival, and I want to take a moment to celebrate the 31 Heroes who helped us in the Kitchen!

Almanzo Lureen
Averell Michelotto Taylor Bonbrech
Bertrand Steinmann
Damienne Fawkes
Demyan Zayats Teuthida Alize
Ebeneezer Ellsworth
Eldrid Taibhain
Enoch Cyrus Artimus Eliason Quinnbee
Etorre Mirco Cieleone Teuthida Alizé
Francis Charlotte Gunne Amira
Frederick Comptess Northmarch
Gideon Lureen
Grace Shetland
Isaac Everhart
Jakob E. Bosheit
Kelso Cedergren
Llewyn Lureen
Orisana Ulkanav Vaybess
Petra Muirin Deoradhain das Amsel
Prudence Joy Mulligan Sztuka
Remy Locksley
Rhett Emile Locklan II
Scáthach “Scrap” Hirun Teuthida Alizé
Sláine Flann Quigley
Steadfast Willoughby
Strength Avails Not The Unrighteous Soul Kostov
Ubalt Klug
Vaast Verenberg
Velenza Querida Elizabeth Moraine
Willowby Bright

I want to give an especially big thank you to my Captains for generally being able to be large and take charge directing helpers during meal preps so that I could focus on the game a lot myself and not do the Kitchen full-full time:

  • Demyan,
  • The ORTC,
  • Declan,
  • Gideon

I also want to give Special thanks to Ebeneezer who spent EVEN MORE TIME THAN ME in the kitchen this festival, and also to our other Heavy Hitters who all spent more than 5 hours making food and cleaning up throughout the festival:

  • Demyan,
  • Averell,
  • Francis,
  • Rhett
  • and Myself

All in all it took about 82 hours of Womanpower to feed everyone this event, so if you find yourself looking for some CP next cycle PLEASE come help us out as many hands make light work!