Tell us about the campsite issues

Hello everyone! We know that there have been issues at the Middlesex Campsite and we’re looking to assemble a list. Please post below with issues you’ve seen around the site so we can compile a list to work on resolving. Please keep in mind we are not trying to put the site on blast, this is purely to try and fix what we can to make everyone’s experience that much more enjoyable while staying on site.


Just a couple of small observations.

Tree branch clean up is an issue. I’m sure they will be cleaning up but I’m putting it down here as an observation.

Hill side cabins seems to have semi-regular problems with electricity. It’s frequent enough that I plan for not having power in the cabin.

Some cabin screens are in need of repair/replacement. The cabins aren’t exactly a bastion from the outdoors not are they expected to be. Large tears in the screens though can let a lot of mosquitoes and other biting/stinging insects in the cabins.

The sharp left turn coming down the hill just past Blueberry is getting sharper as the the outside of curve is washing away. Without mitigation over the next year I think it will become problematic.

The new climbing wall makes navigating the cabins with a vehicle tougher for sure. It may help to remove one of the trees to widen the vehicle path just a touch.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the site, I just see those items as having room for improvement.


The downed trees on the long loop make navigating it a nightmare, especially if you aren’t familiar with the path.


My only issues are in the shower department, so if the new bathrooms they are doing in the end of the year include showers that are an improvement over the current ones, I have no complaints beyond what has been said, especially if they will also be putting a little money into sprucing up and upgrading the top of the hill bathroom facilities a bit.


Hillside 4 has no power, and the outer door to it is laying on the ground with a single broken piece piece of wood still in the doorframe, pointing up and sharp.


The sinks in the kitchen are constantly dirty/clogged, and I know the big sink in the back corner by the fridge hasn’t worked properly in several seasons. Consistently the kitchen also has to be cleaned before use because of mouse poop in cabinets/counters.

PS4 also had electric issues, the doors don’t close properly/fully, windows are all nailed shut, and the smoke alarm had been removed this season. We also found a bunch of items left from previous events so camp keepers aren’t checking things after events are completed. All that and the dead thing in the attic…

As others have also mentioned, the upper bathrooms have been on a steady decline the past couple seasons and need work as much as the lower ones, and the paths need some erosion preventative maintenance.

  • Pineside 4 has a dead thing probably in the roof. Also all of the windows have been nailed shut and there is no smoke detector, looks like it was ripped out maybe?
  • Some of the mattresses in Pineside 4 have huge holes in the sides.

Kitchen things:

  • There were signs of rodent activity that was bordering on very concerning.
  • The sink near the smaller stand mixer has drainage issues, possibly because the pipes need to be cleared and that happens to be the sink that is furthest from the outgoing pipe and therefore the first to back up. It makes that sink unusable over the weekend as it gets backed up with food particles.
  • The bottom oven seems to run exceedingly hot and both ovens are missing in oven thermometers (Which they should have for Food safety maintenance standards.)
  • Several of the tavern benches were actively cracking/unstable with loose screws and at least one table was marked as unusable because it was in need of repair.

A lot of these are smaller issues but I think that is everything I have on my list!

  • Kitchen Sinks clogging very easily
  • Bottom Oven being in Hell Mode, or Off with no inbetween
  • Couldn’t get ovens under Gas range to come on this past festival. Possibly human error, do we have anyone who knows how to confirm their pilots are on, or how to light them? (I suspect a bunch of gas accumulating in an oven that was left on caused WW’s fireball because we had 0 trouble with all the stovetop pilots that I heard of all weekend.)

I’d like to add that the paths with the big ditches in them are really easy to turn your ankle on and would be safer if they were more leveled.


I believe Pine Side 1 still has at least one broken window.


Pine side 6 has two broken windows, one of which I believe has glass shards in it, and I think all of the windows that aren’t broken are nailed shut, but I’d have to check. It also fluctuates whether it has power or not, which isn’t a huge issue in the summer, but in the winter with the broken windows we rely on a space heater.


In addition to what Mal said about Pineside 6 (which honestly has become a meme in our friend group with how shoddy it is). The bathrooms, they feel like a gamble as to whether or not the door shuts and if the toilet flushes.

Also, the new road they made for cars to go downhill seems to have all but disintegrated. It very much felt like I was going to scrape up the sides of my car going down at just 3mph.

+1 to the rockwall that now blocks a huge chunk of the upper level. Due to the prior days weather conditions, the optimal spot to drive/park was just huge mud patches and folks had to weave between trees to not get stuck.


they made a new road?

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