Tavern Drinking Song lyrics

Thank you all so much for enjoying our performance! Here’s the lyrics, for anyone who missed it or wanted to find themselves. While we weren’t able to fit in 75 names, I feel that everyone was represented in some way, shape, or form.

Gather round you lads and lasses, set you for awhile
And harken to my mournful tale about this blessed isle
Let’s all raise our glasses high to friends and family gone,
And lift our voices in another tavern drinking song.

Stev was stabbed, and Scarlet scarred, and Slaine was slain,
Averell ate Rhett’s new dish and choked upon the grain
Dear old captain Heyselbright who lived through wars and strife,
Tripped out of the hospital and sadly lost his life.

Now everybody’s died, so until our tears are cried,
We’ll drink and drink and drink and drink and then we’ll drink some more
We’ll dance and sing and fight until the early morning light
Then we’ll do drugs, pass out, wake up, and then
Go drinking once again!

Evy did experiments that sorely went awry
And in the huge explosion went the dear twins Marinii
Irony was what befell my dear friend Damienne
She died being a chew toy for her octo-pelican.

Ursula was bludgeoned by a lovely baby goat
Poor ZED drowned in aether when he fell out of his boat
The Alize were found one day, and truly it’s a shame
They all died of exhaustion sorting out their family name


Vaast went fast, and Annaliese got in over her head
When dear Kleis turned a suitor down he sadly wound up dead
Auntie haunts the island right until the break of day
And whether she’s alive or not, no mortal soul can say

Livewell did live well for years, or so I have been told
He turned into a ghost one day and is forever cold
Monty choked on poison, I assume it was a hit
But he was doing magic so nobody gave a shit


The Everhart boys drowned in debt, and Bishop drowned in drink
The Outer Rim? Well they just drowned when their new boat did sink
The pre obituary that she wrote was quite correct
Prudence wed a vampire and was bit on the neck

Evangelina died breathing apothecary fumes
And in a tragic rock slide dear Lucinda found her tomb
Clorica and Velenza passed from lack of self-restraint
And Extraordinary Artist Miles Skylark ate some paint

Jakob, Kovatch, and their friend Augustus all felt fine
Til they breathed in all the fumes a-comin from their mine
Leeches were the reason for Zhany’s untimely death
And Byrgen made it back to port upon his final breath

Amity was stung to death and Seren did expire
Silas, Jules, and Steadfast slipped into the cannon fire
Bethany and Eliot and Cayden drowned at sea
And all the socialites had died from drinking poisoned tea


Udo’s arms are calamari, Ravil’s arms are gone
Petra went and did themself in with a homemade bomb
Lillys White and Ferris both were felled by hostile hands
And Northmarch was beheaded when he lost his family lands

Cleary and the Grey Gales blew away in aether storms
The scholars burned up in the fire that claimed the college dorms
Reverie was lost at sea and James fell off the docks
And Alden met the Seamstress and was turned into a Fox

Mr. Hobbes Ironically was cut down by a tree
Bertrand fought until he took a bullet in the knee
All we found were scraps of Scathach, nothing left to tend
And since there were no fighters left, the surgeons met their end


Someday soon I’ll leave this world of pain and toil and sin
The Mariner will take my hand to join me to my kin
My only wish is when I know my end is absolute
I’ll kill all of McHenry’s lot and sink their boats to boot!

And we’ll do drugs, pass out, wake up, and then go drinking once again
And we’ll do drugs, pass out, wake up, and then go driiinkiiing ooonce aaagaaaaiiiin!


You were awkwardly close to Livewell’s situation…

But a good song!


I want you and steve to know that that song preformance outside the tavern was one of my favorite moments of the weekend. seeing most of the town in one place having a good time was incredible. Thank you.


Once again, a big thank you to everyone for not dying before we debuted this


Very considerate of Livewell to wait the extra few hours


I’m so glad that we got most people together for it! It was nice to have a moment of levity in between everything.


It was amazing. Great job.


I need you to know I’m crying laughing at this song


An update, for accuracy’s sake:

Livewell did live well for years, or so I have been told
He ate a changeling’s heart and sprouted leaves of red and gold


The fact that Silas did die firing a cannon basically…


Yeah, wait, this song is 2 for 2 so far. Do you two know something we don’t :thinking:


I will never reveal my lyric-writing secrets.


Are we magic? Or is everyone else reckless and predictable? The world will never know…


You’re magic?! Arrest them! /s