Surgical Anthology?

Hello, fellow surgeons!

Given everything going on lately, I would like to be focusing on something fun for once. There’s an idea that’s been rattling around in my brain for several seasons: I’d like to put together an anthology collection of our surgical thesis projects.

At minimum, we each spend four whole seasons working on an endeavor of our choosing, and quite frankly, I think that such dedicated work should be celebrated and shared within our community. I personally would just love to know what quandaries my peers have been pondering over and solving - everyone here sees things so differently and thus finds issues some of us have completely missed, and then finds solutions to those problems! That’s so amazing! We already share problems and information during surgeon guild meetings, so I figured why not talk about the research we’re really passionate about, even if it’s not currently wiggling around and killing half the island?

I recognize some of us may be better suited to writing up research papers than others, but I still want to showcase the work of those who are less writing-inclined. For those who do not wish to submit an article or summary of their research, I’d be happy to conduct an interview with you and transcribe part or all of that for your section of the anthology. I figure once everyone has had a chance to contribute, I’ll organize it all into an anthology, which we can then put in our local library for safe keeping.

If you’d like to be included, say so here or otherwise reach out. You don’t need to have everything ready right this moment, but you should have completed your research project or otherwise have a very strong idea of what it looks like.

Try not to die,
Sláine Flann Quigley


I’m in. Obviously.

Trying not to be dead,

Ebeneezer Ellsworth