Summer 2023 Cabin Assignments

Use the above map to find your cabin.

Hill Side Cabins:
Jessica Osio
Will Beatty
Avery Vreeland

Melissa Frechette
Tim Sheaffer
Ashleigh Howland

George Spier
Kevin McDole
Brady Tatro
Chelle Neveux

Connor McCarthy
David Rubenstein
Aaron Frary
Joy Perkinson

Logan Johnson
Dylan Calvo
Brian Grabel
Pat Popowicz

Pine Side Cabins:
Jamie Wetzel
Fyr LaBrecque
Declan Geoffrion Scannell
Vee Schrag
Sam Tincler
Killian Hayes
Artemis Pease

Alex Brune
Jamie Bal
Cory Knowles
Ryan Bolduc
Hannah Cohen
Jason Bestwick
Matt Styron
Candelia Doyle
Quentin Cantor

Phoebe Horgan
Monica Gribouski
Rebecca Cerasoli
Nancy McCarthy
Hannah Swebelius
Christina Thompson
Andrew Wood
Stephen Rogers
Brett Parsons

Sammie Talmadge
Waya Vail
Kay Labella
Alex Pace
Shauna Ozana
Ren Harrington

Charles Hope
Eli Stickgold
Stephanie Paige
Beth Baniszewski
Aislinn McCormack
Sean McCormack
Mark Mascaro
Jessica Hallock
Jessy McQuaw

Zachary Brien
Michael Bertoncini
Alexander Vincent
Steve Grabowski
Mal Sillars
Samantha Roderigues
Elizabeth Reisine
Maxwell Walterman

Upper Staff
Shades M
John Cagle
David Harvill

Mac Shack
Katie Cronin
Elizabeth Krueger

Nurses Station
Sarah Walden McGowan
Jenna McGowan
Also: Brian Misamore
Also: Adrian Tatro
Also: Leander, Tobin, Lyra

We have done our best to accommodate your requests and concerns. If there are any issues with these arrangements, please let us know as soon as you can so we can revise. Please let us know - I made a lot of changes this time, and I probably screwed up at least one person’s day. I can fix it!

Some of you are in a new cabin this time. Make sure to check your assignment. I try not to move you, but this is tricky.

Brian Misamore
Game Director


Can I be listed as Tenting? I normally prefer to tent unless it’s an impossibility.