Summer 2023 Board Election

Board Election

The current board consists of Joy Perkinson, Matt Kamm, Adrian Tatro, Brady Tatro, Sarah Walden McGowan, Jordan Gibson, and Ronny Rose.

Joy’s and Matt’s terms are up and Joy has already announced that she’s not re-running, after many years serving both on the board and as its president.

Two board seats are open for election this season.

Given the current balance of men, women, and nonbinary people remaining on the board, the policies around board tenure and gender balance do not constrain the candidacy for these two seats.


Candidates until July 16th to acquire nominations.
We will then be holding the election during a two-week window from July 23rd - August 5th.


Please stand by for more detailed information on how to vote. We will be using an online tool that supports ranked-choice voting.

How To Participate In The 2022 Election

Board Election Participant Eligibility

You are eligible to run for the board and to vote in the election if you have participated in at least two (2) of the weekend-long RFR events this year (i.e. the prior two game seasons) either as a player or as a volunteer (NPC, staffer, other volunteer). That participation can be at any combination of the three RFR LARPs: Witchwood, Port Katherine, and Entanglement.

To vote:

  1. Please make sure you have an up to date email address in the Witchwood, Port Katherine, or Entanglement website site.
  2. If you are using two different email addresses or wish to specify a different one, feel free to email to let me know what email address to use when including you in the voting system.



Get 5 people in the voting population to nominate you by July 16th.

You can collect nominations by either:

a) having five eligible RFR voters sign a paper nomination form ( RFR_ElectionNominationForm - Google Docs ), then emailing a scan/photo of the completed form to []

b) having five eligible RFR voters email saying “I nominate [candidate name] for the RFR board” and stating their name. People nominating via email should use email addresses corresponding to the ones they use in Port Katherine, Entanglement, or Witchwood systems.

Forum posts

It’s recommended that you post a self-introductory statement on the forums ( and and Entanglement ) before July 23rd, when voting begins.

Board Responsibilities

Red Feather Roleplaying is the parent organization that produces Witchwood and Port Katherine; it makes administrative decisions regarding budget, campsite rentals, insurance, policy, etc. As a board member of Red Feather Roleplaying you will be required to attend no fewer than two (2) board meetings per year. Meetings last approximately three hours and are attended remotely via video conference.

At these meetings it is your duty to civilly discuss the issues on the agenda and to vote in good conscience in what you believe to be the best interests of Red Feather Roleplaying. You may also submit items to be included in the agenda.

Originally, Board members were also primary investors in the corporation. All of the original investors have since been paid out, and we do not require any sort of monetary buy-in or investment from the newly-elected board member. It is our hope that whoever is elected to the vacant seat will be sufficiently invested in the well-being of the community as to make a financial stake unnecessary.

For additional information on board member responsibilities, please see Joy’s comment on the Summer 2022 election post.

Kep, Ombudsperson for Red Feather Roleplaying


We are extending the deadline for Board nominations to this Friday, 7/21, as we are trying to fill two seats and have so far only received one completed nomination. I know the Port Katherine announcement has caused some uncertainty since the nomination period opened, but this is an opportunity for you to help chart the future of Red Feather Roleplaying and give back to our community.

Nominations can be submitted by email to Kep (each of the five people nominating a candidate must send an email affirming the nomination), or by having five people sign a paper form and sending a picture of that form to Kep.

If you have questions about either the Board or the nomination process, please feel free to reach out.

In community,

One further note - the two openings being filled are now Joy’s and Brady’s, rather than Joy’s and Matt’s. Brady’s term would have been up next season, and since Matt is currently playing an RFR game, and Brady is not, Brady decided to take a step back from the Board and let us swap their term end dates.

The election is live, following some delays!
Voting will continue through August 5th.

We have two candidates for two openings, but please still vote to confirm these candidates.

If you are eligible to vote (based on attending at least two RFR events in the past two seasons of game), you will receive an email from with the subject line “Summer 2023 RFR Board Election” and a friendly “vote” button in the message.

If you believe you should have received this email and don’t have it in your inbox or spam filter, please let me know ( and I can work to send you an individual voting code by another means.

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