Status of Minecarts and Tracks for Iron Mines

Hello all,

I am continuing my ongoing project to construct a minecart network for the iron mines within Port Katherine as a part of my Surveyor certification, though I may need some assistance in order to complete the project itself in line with the conclusion of the academic component.

As the project sits I, with some help from others, have contributed 6 focus, 14 iron, 1 copper, 2 coal.

In order for the project to be completed it still needs 4 focus, 86 iron, 10 lead, 9 copper, 28 coal.

I can handle the Focus, and likely the Iron, without any further assistance and have the project completed in time, but will likely need help with the Lead, Copper, and Coal.

If you are willing to contribute to this project, please make a note here or contact me personally informing me of what you are able to contribute, and if you are contributing as a donation, or if you would like repayment in comparable value in Iron as soon as the minecarts are completed, or in D over time after the minecarts are completed.