Spontaneous-ish Activities of the OOG Event

Hello everyone,

Since a few players had been mentioning things they had been hoping to do tomorrow on slack, I wanted to gather here in one place activities that players are organizing or hoping to do. You can post below what you are interesting in or if there is anything you will be pushing to organize.

Reminder that we can use the kitchen and cabins, but we will need to clean up after ourselves. This is not PK staff’s problem to deal with. I know that some members of the board (like a certain person I’m married to) will be hoping to have help making sure that we leave the camp in the same shape or better than we left it.

If you have a food offering or plan that you want to share with others here’s a spreadsheet to put that in. The second page is for coordinating picking up food like a couple large pizzas for dinner. It’s late to expect this to be a comprehensive guide, but hopefully it will help a bit with coordination.

Please note a major thing that needs to happen at this event is prop sorting and if you can help move bins around, that would be greatly appreciated.

Some things that people have expressed interest in:

  • Group photo
  • Board games
  • Storytelling
  • Remembrance Boats
  • Meat Game with Cursed TC Arcanum Encrusted Meat
  • Hanging out as Ourselves Before Life Pulls Us Apart
  • Hanging out in character on site one last time

Obligatory reminder that this post is 1) not official and just trying to connect the slack people with the forum people with the facebook people and 2) don’t propose anything here that would need staff to participate. This is for player-focused activities that staff are naturally welcome if they want to do the thing.


P.S. If you are staying on site on Saturday night, PLEASE let Sarah know so that we know that we are staying the night too.

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Stefan and I are bringing lightsabers if anyone wants to play with lightsabers a bit. (highly recommended. It’s a blast.)

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I will be bringing my bow & arrows, with the intention of letting anyone give them a try at the archery range (during the day), and also some karaoke equipment (for the evening).


I’ll be bringing my two bows and three light sabers and am OK lending them out! I will also be bringing lots of boards games!

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I’ll probably bring a guitar, maybe a go board, probably a sword and some costume pieces? Mal and I are almost definitely not staying overnight.

Come help sort through the boxes of props to figure out what’s going to other rfr games, maybe find something to keep as a souvenir.