Spaces Available for Trade Voyage on The Patience


Is capitalism your escape from the crushing weight of all your friends’ inevitable demises? Are you worried about having enough arcanum to unleash more cursed elementals onto our island? Do you want to see if The Patience is actually a merchant vessel? Then do I have the proposition for you.

Because several ORTC members have sailed off for adventure and tortuous death in the aether, we have two spaces available on The Patience for enterprising individuals. We will be sailing a trade mission, and if you join, you may secure 1 medium-large lot of a basic trade good of your choice at a discounted price. The lot will be available for purchase by you and only you upon arrival back at Port Katherine.

You may secure a position for 5 ducats to be paid to the ORTC Quartermaster. Which is still me. How terrible.

Requests will be reviewed on a first come, first serve basis. Lessons for how to sail will not be included and the ORTC is not liable for any injuries you sustain on our vessel.

May your bad decisions only cost your least favorite limb,
Prudence Mulligan Sztuka

[[Clarification: Trading counts as a Focus. Exact details on how this works will be provided to interested parties. DM or reply here to express interest.]]