Snow Cones For Sale This Summer!

Happy Festival Everybody! The Bar and Marinus Labs would like to invite you to Beat the Heat with a selection of refreshing Snow cones this summer!

While a delicious selection of flavored “dessert cones” will be available for 1d a piece. (These have no in-game effects and are shaved ice with syrup)

We will also have several Apothecarially infused snow cones available for sale! These cones must be purchased in pairs for the listed price. If I have any unsold elixirs left over on the 3rd day of the festival I will offer to sell them at their normal elixir prices.

  • 4 cones available: Quintessence Flux: (30d ea) You may immediately and permanently move up to 6 CP from any skills to any other skills you have access to. Put this in your PEL. (Single elixir price is 36d)

  • 2 cones available: Extra Kidney: (30d ea) You may (silently) resist the next critical strike or critical effect you take. Note: this is a Malady, and thus, the organ will persist until you “lose” it! (Single elixir price is 42d)


I’ll buy one if the 4 qflux

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I will take an extra kidney

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I would like to reserve an Extra Kidney please.

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I would like to buy a qflux

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Put me on the wait list for a kidney please :upside_down_face:

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i would like to buy a qflux

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It appears the final qflux is still available, I’d love to get in on that.

Want to pair up for our cones, Petra?

Thank you everyone, please feel free to continue letting me know if you are interested in a wait list which I will endevor to fill for the Fall festival or if any currently reserved sales do not complete.

For this festival the Snow cones will be available as soon as Fire’s Breakfast (Saturday morning) in order to give me time the evening before to procure the electricity and honey needed to produce them. (You can choose to receive your actual, physical snowcone to eat at a later time however) If any snowcones remain unclaimed on the Breakfast of the 1st of Late summer (Sunday) I will inquire with those waiting. If there is a reason you would not like to partake of your cone before the 1st, please let me know so I do not accidentally neglect your sale.

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I will be missing this festival due to illness.

I’m still interested in a qflux for future, but the one I was going to claim this event is now freed up.