September 16 Out-of-Game Event

A few details about tomorrow’s out-of-game event:


The main plan for tomorrow is… there isn’t much plan.

But here’s my best guess at one:

  • 11am: Arrive on site no earlier than
  • 1pm: Staff will give a brief Q&A about the game

Lunch and dinner are pot luck/bring your own/share with your friends/organize amongst yourselves.


First of all, it’s going to be windy tomorrow in some areas. Show caution and make your best decisions. Site itself and points west will be better than points east, so be wise and don’t feel like you need to come to this event if it feels unsafe to drive.

Second, it is forecast to rain in the morning and then stop. Hopefully, by the time we get there, the rain will have stopped. Nevertheless, the possibility of rain (and the likelihood of damp ground) means we’ll probably be using the indoor areas more heavily than we would otherwise. RFR has a new mask policy, available here:

In brief, that policy means you need to be wearing a KN95 mask when indoors, at all times. If you are eating indoors because of the weather, you can briefly remove your mask to eat, then put it back on. Hopefully we’ll be able to eat outside, and this won’t be relevant.

I’m excited to see you all again, and my fingers are very tightly crossed that the weather behaves and the hurricane stays away (it’s supposed to! I think!).

Game Director Emeritus, Port Katherine


Please also let me know if you’re planning to stay on site Saturday night so I can make sure cleanup happens!

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