Rules Question: Coordinate

I am helping with coordinating the efforts around dealing with the person plagiarizing Slaine.
Kovatch and Nathrach are doing police investigation.
Vaast and Issac are doing legal stuff.
Several people are working towards using their PI for a push on this as well.

This is a single project with the same overarching goal. But it is accomplishing it through different means.
Will my coordinate be enough, or will it require more?

One coordinate per project. So, if you’re trying to just do one thing, then one coordinate. It’s not clear to me what your goals are.

So, if you want to info about them AND to hurt them socially, that’s two. If you only want to do one of those, it’s one.


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So my coordinate could cover the police skills and legal investigation then? Or would those also count as separate projects?

It would be one coordinate towards the project (your end goal) to cover the multiple skills being used for it (police, legal, PI)

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