Rules clarification on Guns loaded with elixirs

So we know you can’t have two loaded guns on your person at the same time due to arcanum’s unstable nature when used for guns. (Special Soldier training nonwitstanding)

Does this extend to guns loaded with apothecary augments like the oil made from a slug that allows a gun to shoot the root call? Can a player carry one gun loaded with slug shot oil, AND one with a traditional bullet?

I would like to expand this question to include things like Sleep Dart and Glue gun.

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You may only have one loaded gun at a time. It does not matter what the gun is loaded with.

From the rules:

Gun (0*): You can wield and shoot an approved Nerf-style blaster that has already been loaded (using the skills Bullet, Tranquilizer Dart, Glue Gun, or similar). Unless the bullet has been augmented in some way, or the skill used to load the gun has a call associated with it, call “Pierce” when shooting a
gun. By default, you may only carry a single loaded gun on your person at once, and guns may only have one shot loaded into them at a time.

(Note that the gun skill description does not specify what the gun is loaded with in this scenario - it is always true unless you specifically know otherwise)