RFR Board Election

Dear Port Katherine Community,

If you’re new to us, welcome to Red Feather Roleplaying! Red Feather Roleplaying (RFR) is the parent corporation that runs the administrative side of Port Katherine and its sister game, Witchwood (https://www.witchwoodroleplaying.com/). Even though Port Katherine hasn’t had an event yet, we wanted to let you know about an upcoming opportunity to participate in an RFR election.

In keeping with our value of Stewardship, RFR Game Directors cannot simultaneously be members of the RFR Board of Directors. And so, at our last board meeting, Brian Misamore, Game Director of Port Katherine, stepped down from the board.

We would like to thank Brian Misamore for serving on the board since the beginning of RFR five years ago, for agreeing to continue on as treasurer, and for starting up a new RFR game!

As usual, the board has decided to hold a community-wide election to fill the open seat. However, the board has traditionally asked the Ombudsperson to serve as Election Commissioner, and recently, Eben Lowe stepped down from his role as Ombudsperson. In his absence, the board has asked the President of RFR (that’s me!) to serve as Election Commissioner instead.

We would like to thank Eben for serving as Ombudsperson since the beginning of RFR and for his continuing involvement with both Witchwood and Port Katherine! And I would personally like to thank him for writing a thorough description of the election process, which I have already been drawing from, and which I will unapologetically paste with minor edits below.


To be eligible to vote in the upcoming election or to endorse a candidate for nomination (see below), you must have attended at least two (2) of the six (6) full-weekend RFR events held in September 2017-June 2018. This includes both players and staff.


A nominee must fill out the attached form and collect no fewer than five (5) endorsements from eligible community members. The completed form must be received by me no later than 11:59 PM on Monday, June 25, 2018. You are allowed and encouraged to nominate yourself; if you are nominating someone else, they have the right to refuse the nomination. You may endorse more than one candidate for nomination.

RFR Election Nomination Form


Red Feather Roleplaying is the parent organization that produces Witchwood and Port Katherine; it makes administrative decisions regarding budget, campsite rentals, insurance, policy, etc. As a board member of Red Feather Roleplaying you will be required to attend no fewer than two (2) board meetings per year. Meetings last approximately three hours and may be attended remotely via video conference.

At these meetings it is your duty to civilly discuss the issues on the agenda and to vote in good conscience in what you believe to be the best interests of Red Feather Roleplaying. You may also submit items to be included in the agenda.

In the past, board members have also been primary investors in Witchwood. To be clear: we will NOT be requiring any sort of buy-in or investment from the newly-elected board member. It is our hope that whomever is elected to the vacant seat will be sufficiently invested in the well-being of the community as to make a financial stake unnecessary.


Once all the nominations are in, a one week period will be given for nominated candidates to give statements if desired, or to decline their nomination if desired. Voting will begin on Tuesday, July 3, and will close at 11:59pm on Monday, July 16. Ballots will be cast anonymously, using instant-runoff voting, and tabulated once all the votes are in.

Any questions, comments or concerns can be directed to me, or asked right here in this forum thread. There is a nearly-identical thread over on the Witchwood website that you can check out as well (https://forums.witchwoodroleplaying.com/t/rfr-board-election/858). I will try to keep this process as painless as possible.

See you in the woods!

Joy Perkinson
President, Red Feather Roleplaying, Inc.

x-posted from the Witchwood forums:

Thank you for your kind words, Joy. And thank you to the RFR Board, for having me as your Ombudsperson these last few years.

Those of you who take the time to read these posts carefully may be wondering to yourselves: wait, Eben stepped down from being Ombudsperson? It’s true, I did do that, earlier this year.

And I may as well take this opportunity to announce my candidacy for the recently-vacated seat on the Board of Directors (there is a method to my madness, you see.) I will begin collecting endorsement signatures at Witchwood this weekend. :smiley:

Hi everyone. Some of you know me as the guy who played Kleis during the first session of PK. I submitted my nomination form last weekend and am officially running as well.

May the best candidate win!

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Hello everyone, I play Livewell. I, too, am running for the board. Much like our friend Montgomery, I have no plank.