Question on Licenses for Fancy Land Stuff

Hello Staff!

Landowners are starting to invest in fancier and more advanced mines and other such plots of land, and some of those require things like deeds, or licenses, or some variety of legal papers to proceed. If I were to try and help someone, in a hypothetical situation, obtain three advanced mines (let’s call them Emerald Mines, for example). Would I need to:

  1. Procure 3 separate licenses for each individual mine?


  1. Procure 1 license that says “this person is allowed to make Emerald mines”?

And, in terms of the Law ability, if 3 separate licenses are required, would that be an individual point of Law each? Or would 1 Law for “license retrieval” cover multiple licenses?


There’s a couple things here that I want to piece out.

  1. You need to procure a separate license for each type of mine.
  2. Once they have the mine unlocked, you don’t have to do this for them to purchase more ranks.

So, if one person wants an emerald and a sapphire mine, that’s two mines.
If they want 2 ranks of Emerald Mine, that’s one mine.