Prosthetics/Implants Calibration

If a prosthetic or implant (a limb or a heart for example) requires calibration, does it need to sit with the owner for a season after it’s been built but before it’s attached/implanted (since calibration requires a bgs action) or can it just be popped into anyone with a free calibration slot and then calibrated in the next BGS cycle? Or some third thing?

(Asking for a friend, who is me)

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I’m generally fine with it being calibrated in the next bgs cycle, or in the bgs cycle before implantation. The calibration bgs is largely about bookkeeping for us.


Similarly, if I craft an engineered item for someone else and am willing to give them access, can they calibrate to it in the same BGS cycle in which I finish crafting it? Or would that require a focus or coordination?

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They can calibrate it in the same BGS cycle if somebody uses coordination to make that happen. Basically, multiple people applying BGS to the same object in a sequential fashion requires a use of coordination.

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