Port Katherine Spa Club: Building the Hot Springs

Soldiers and Skirmishers! Do you want a place to relax after a long day of fighting Tiyagans, traitors, and blood worms? How does an extra 10 CP refresh every festival sound?

I’m heading up construction of the Hot Springs public work, and would love your help. The biggest thing we’re looking for are components that can be made into fire vials: Cactus, Salamanders, and Pumice (stones often carried by creatures of Summer). These should all be plentiful at this upcoming festival. Wood, Iron, and Copper can also go towards building and maintaining the hot springs, and ducats to purchase these are welcome as well.

I’ll be handing out official Port Katherine Spa Club membership cards to anyone who contributes — though you don’t need to be a member to benefit from the Hot Springs once they’re built. The card just shows everyone how cool (or hot?) you are for supporting this vital piece of infrastructure :sunglasses:

Other reasons to love the Hot Springs:

  1. They have an especially positive impact on newcomers, since 10 CP is a larger portion of their total.
  2. You don’t need to be a true Soldier or Skirmisher to benefit — grab some Disarms or Parries and protect yourself at double the value!
  3. If you’re an Advanced Skirmisher, or expect to become one, the refresh combines really nicely with your skill doubler.

Write in below if you think you can help out or if you have any questions!

—Acting Lt. Steadfast Willoughby


I’ve already contributed some labor to the construction [a focus], and can likely put forth the 5 copper. I’m working on sourcing the vials and other materials.


Ill need to check my personal materials stores, but I may also have some iron ready to contribute. Feel free to reach out so we can coordinate efforts more effectively.

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Edric Zale will be having me deliver 5 Iron and 4 wood in the Summer for this, and I have 1 fire vial so far to contribute myself!


Wonderful! I’ve got some wood and iron myself, and I put in a request with Vaast for cactuses via merchant lot, which should help on the fire vial front.

I was initially thinking we’d aim to gather components in Summer, distill to make fire vials Summer->Fall, and then finish building Fall->Winter. But if there’s enough support and we can find all the materials, we could try to finish it Summer->Fall instead. We might need a coordinate to get the components distilled and submitted in the same BGS period, but that’s not unreasonable.

Is cash useful or just raw materials right now? I’d be happy to help reimburse people but don’t have any ingots lying around.

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((If you still need iron, I believe I can contribute 1 but I’m not entirely sure that’s what the thing in my bag is))

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Ducats are definitely helpful! I don’t know yet how much the cactus merchant lot is going to cost, and we’ll also need to pay apothecaries for distilling components into fire vials.

If you plan to contribute to the Hot Springs, let me know by Wednesday and I’ll print you up a membership card.

Also, anyone who contributes gets a sneak peek at the skill list for the Infantry soldier specialization as well :sunglasses:



I believe the Alize have funneled most of our contributions to this project through Mr. Steinmann if I’m not mistaken. I intend to make a small additional donation on the behalf of myself and James and will locate you at some point on the first of Fire to discuss specifics. I will of course keep an eye out for any of the mentioned components during the Fire festival as well.

On a related note, has thought yet gone into our plans to acquire the requisite focus and materials to maintain the hot springs from season to season?



Excellent. I’ve talked with Emile about hiring his gardening services to keep enough cacti available for the fire vials. Haven’t had any other discussions about maintenance, but I’m hopeful we can get a good focus rotation going among the folks who benefit.

I don’t have many resources at my disposal that aren’t immediately turned into food for townsfolk, but I am happy to keep an eye out for any materials this festival and to also contribute 10d towards this. I certainly would not mind having a place to relax after arduous fighting, especially one that benefits a multitude of people in town.


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I can promise that the Alizé will cover 5 copper, 5 wood, 5 iron for the hot springs. As stated earlier, I am working on sourcing other materials on my own, and have coin available, if that’s the only remaining barrier.

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It’s Time!!!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed! We now have all the materials needed to build the hot springs, plus maintain them for the next couple seasons. All that’s left is 4 focus spent on construction.

Bertrand and Vail have already volunteered, so we just need two more focus. If we can get a third focus/coordinate (for the fire vials being distilled this BGS), the hot springs can be operational at Souls.

If you’d like to offer your focus to make this happen, or to help maintain the hot springs after they’re built, please let me know! The more people are involved, the more we can spread out the focus requirement so no one gets stuck doing it too often.

Credit for getting us this far goes to:

  • Countess Northmarch: 2 fire vials
  • Serendipity: 1 fire vial
  • Edric: 5 iron, 4 wood
  • Alizé Family: 5 iron, 5 wood, 5 copper
  • Nathrach: 2 iron
  • Ebeneezer: 2 iron
  • Bertrand: 2 focus, 3 cacti
  • Vail: 1 focus, 10 ducats
  • Czesława & James: 5 ducats
  • Lt. Panther: 1.3 ducats
  • Rhett: 1 pumice, 10 ducats
  • Gideon: 1 pumice
  • Jules: 1 pumice
  • Emile: cultivating 2 cacti
  • Steadfast: 2 cacti, 3 wood, 2 copper
  • Other: 3 cacti purchased via merchant lot

Please let me know if I missed a contribution.

Assuming 6 cacti and 3 pumice become fire vials, we’re ahead of our requirements by 4 iron, 2 wood, 2 copper, and 2 fire vials, with 2 cacti set aside for ongoing cultivation. I’ve set aside all of these materials for maintenance.

Of the 26.3 ducats contributed, 12 went towards purchasing cacti via merchant lot, and I expect 9 will go to apothecaries for distillation this BGS. The remaining 5.3 may go towards hiring a scholar for Coordination, otherwise I’ll set it aside to pay for future cactus cultivation or distillation.


Not giving your apothecaries credit? For shame or something.

Hopefully it gets built.

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Let me know if you’re doing any of the distillation as a donation! Otherwise I was expecting to pay you for all of it :slight_smile:

I intend on putting a Focus into this for the Fire → Souls BGS round, not sure if that’s counted. If you need a liaison between further projects/requests and the Alize, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. :slight_smile: