Port Katherine Out-of-Game Event - September 16

Hey everyone, just wanted to give a few details for our out-of-game event.

First, scheduling - show up no earlier than noon on Saturday. You can stay the night Sunday, but no one on staff is being asked to, so you are on your own for cleaning up after yourselves so the camp doesn’t hate us. We’re allowed to use any camp facilities (kitchen, etc) that we normally use, but - again - you’re responsible for cleaning it up.

Second, attendance fee - RFR is going to cover this. So it’s free. :slight_smile:

Third, there’s no real “plan.” Staff is going to be on site to hang out and see you, but we aren’t planning on running anything. If you want to run some in-game scenes with other people, feel free, but please do so in mod halls or cabins away from other people who are hanging out out-of-game. Don’t ask staff to do this.

Fourth, food - this is part of there being no plan. There’s no plan. In theory, we’ll be in site for lunch and dinner, at least. Breakfast Sunday if you stay the night. Bring food to share. Feel free to coordinate with each other. We have the kitchen and the firepits and all the normal stuff. Clean up after yourselves.

Finally, Covid/masking policy. I’m told the Board is going to set something for RFR across the board, which may or may not come out after this post but before the event. If that happens - obey that policy. Otherwise, we’re going to use the same policy we had for Spring 2 (masks required indoors unless you have a negative test within 24 hours of the start of the event; masks ALWAYS required in the kitchen). If you’ve been feeling sick within a week of the event, please do not come.

If you have any questions, let me know, but this is really just a casual hangout session to reminisce about game and be a community. Staff will probably do a Q&A around dinner time, but don’t hold us to that, or to any specific timing for it. We’ll play it by ear.


P.S. “The Stuff” - I’ve heard some questions about what we’re going to do with the stuff. Well, it doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to RFR. The Board has decided to let our staffers take a few props that we’re nostalgic about. Then we’ll let Witchwood and Entanglement staff take what they’d like. The rest will be determined at a later time. Don’t loot it.

Also, if you donated anything before or after our last game and would like a refund from RFR because you won’t be able to use those CP ever again, please let me know. I’m authorized to give you one.


Hi- looking forward to seeing folks this weekend. One question: is the camp okay with us using the archery range as an archery range? I own a bow, which i can’t bring to combat larps for obvious reasons; but, I feel like our crowd would enjoy a chance to try it out while we’re all hanging around.

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