Planning for Player Cabins & Tents

Hello players!

Another note from your friendly Port Katherine web wizard, this time regarding the logistics around lodging for our first event. If you head over to the Events page (or click on this link) you’ll find a Lodging Questionnaire. With 75 players, we can’t afford to leave this up to chance, so in order to avoid a mad scramble to stake claims, staff will be assigning players to specific cabins in advance. We therefore request that every player fill this questionnaire out (yes, even if you’re planning to tent, there’s a switch you can flip indicating that.)

We will do our utmost to take the preferences expressed in this questionnaire into account when assigning cabins. And you have our pledge of discretion: the results will be shared only with a select subset of your Port Katherine staff. Your specific requests and comments will not be shared with other players. We ask that you be as honest as you can, and we appreciate your candor.

The deadline for having your preferences considered is Friday, April 27th. So please fill out this survey ASAP! And thank you.