On the Sale of Electricity, Fires '23

With the restoration of trade with the rest of Kithira, and the return of our regular market auction, the electricity from the generator mill will be sold at auction this Fires, and the town council is not setting a fixed price, as we have done in the last several festivals.* We wish each of you the best of luck in securing what you need.

For those of you who need electricity for a body part , please contact me before the auction begins, either here, by private message, or in person at the festival, and we will see what can be done to assist you in this matter.

Frederick, Comptess Northmarch
For the Town Council

  • [OoG Note: This is how the schematic has always said it works, we have been ad-libbing the last few festivals since there hasn’t been an auction.]

I need an electricity for a body part. how will you be running the auction?

So the Auction will be the rules-book standard version Run by Jan Friday night. (Brian-shaped NPC)

Sometime shortly after game on, the auction opens. Prices from the last month will be shown, and individuals wishing to purchase from the auction should fill out bidding slips or speak to the auctioneer directly. Those bidding slips should list the quantity desired as well as the maximum price you are willing to pay for each unit of that commodity. You may submit multiple bids at multiple price levels.

At midnight, or when bids cease arriving, the auction is over. All bids are ranked from highest to lowest and orders are filled starting at the top and working down. Once the good in question has been exhausted, the lowest bid price is the price for all bidders (even those who bid much, much higher). All lower bidders receive no goods. At that point, the posted price list is updated (and is a good idea of the current market value of a good, for individuals wishing to trade during the rest of the weekend) and bidders pay for their goods.

Here’s an example:
Let’s say there are 10 units to auction. The auction receives the following bids:
· 2 units for 7 ducats
· 5 units for 6 ducats
· 2 units for 5 ducats
· 4 units for 4 ducats
· 10 units for 3 ducats
· 8 units for 2 ducats

The auctioneer will line them up from highest bid to lowest bid, as above, and then move down the line. The bids at 7 ducats, 6 ducats, and 5 ducats will fill their orders, while the bid for 4 ducats will receive 1 unit of the 4 they wished. The price will then be set at 4 ducats. The person bidding for 2 units at 7 ducats will pay 8 ducats (2 units at 4 each). The person bidding for 5 units at 6 ducats will pay 20 ducats (5 units at 4 each) and receive their units, and so forth. The bidder who wanted 4 units at 4 ducats will pay 4 ducats and receive 1 unit, and the bidders who bid at 3 ducats and 2 ducats will receive nothing—such is the risk of bidding low.

The chalkboard in the market will be updated with the new price of 4 ducats, and that will be considered the “going price” for that commodity for the remainder of the game.


I think Petra was asking about the special accommodation for body parts that Frederick mentioned.

And if they aren’t, then I am, since I’ll need it before long

If you speak with me prior to the auction about needing electricity for a body part, we should be able to make an accommodation to secure it for you at market rate without your needing to participate in the auction, although you may have to wait until the auction is complete to receive it.

I have noted you as one of the people needing such accommodation.

We have a couple of possible options how to provide it, depending on how many people actually need such accommodation, and how much additional electricity Annaliese and I produced, but as noted in my response to Petra, if you tell me prior to the auction you need electricity for a body part, we should be able to cover you at market prices.