On Combat, Hydration, And You

Hi folks!

We are entering the Warm Season, and as such it seemed like a good time to post a reminder about hydration. When we run combat, especially long, intense combat, things can get pretty…heated. Especially when the temperature is up, or it’s dusty or pollen-y out, or any other number of environmental conditions are in play. We as staff try to remain attentive to the needs of both players and NPCs as fights go on, especially with regards to maintaining access to drinking water. Sometimes, we may need to take quick action to make sure that people can take the time they need to attend to their OOG needs, so that we can continue to provide an engaging and challenging game experience for you all. We also feel that it’s important to be unambiguous if this happens, so people don’t think that it’s a trick or a new in-game objective to be defeated. We as staff do our best to make sure we offer exciting combat situations while accommodating the needs of everyone’s OOG flesh bodies, and we thank you for extending the same consideration to us. Let’s all remember to hydrate and not diedrate!

  • Haley, for the PK staff

Here’s a friendly hydration tip, start hydrating about 3-4 days in advance of the event, to help make sure your hydration levels are as high as possible going into the event.


I for one want to continue having happy, living staff, and support them hydration breaks as often as needed to keep them that way!


As a crunchy who got very heat sick during the Sunday fight and had to sit out the second half, this very appreciated!


I will be bringing electrolyte tablets with me, and I’ll have some both on my person and in Pineside 6 if they’re needed!


Thank you very much for taking care of yourselves and setting us up with the opportunities to take care of ourselves.


I super appreciated the fight break on Sunday, I definitely needed it!