OChRE Pooled Components from Spring '23 Results

Happy Summer Everybody! As the next festival is upon us, in the interest of trust and transparency I wanted to share some data about the common components pool OChRE organizes for the community.

After Spring we had 75 components in the pool, contributed by a total of 20 people. Of these, I purchased 4 at full price, and other people took 26, for which I will pay 2/3rds price. 0 components were used by various cultivators free of charge on the condition they return one of the offspring to cover the cost, and 4 contributions were claimed back by their original contributors. All in all we managed to make use of 34 components and pay out 64d to the community, YAY!

Below is a list of all of the debts OChRE owes to the pool’s contributors from last festival. Please come see Seren at the bar to get your payouts. If you did not collect your payout due to you in SPring you have one more season to come get it.

Payouts for Summer '23
Jules, Friday, & Steadfast 16d
Stev 4d
Damien 2d
Hazelbright 12d
Elliot 7d
Petra 4d
James 4d
Lee 2d
Ebeneezer 7d
Jules 2d
Dina 2d
Jacob 2d

Fun fact: The most popular category this time was Insects with only one single component not getting claimed! (But Animals was our most numerous with a Whooping 33 componets listed!)