Notice Posted to the Tavern Message Board titled "Port Katherine SSPS"

Hello members or aspiring members of the Port Katherine SSPS,

We will be having our meeting to “discuss our favorite pitball teams” early on the 2nd of Fire, approximately around 9:30 bells in the morning in the lawn by the tavern. Feel free to attend with any material you would like to recite or share, or come simply to listen. Naturally I mean listen to us talk about pitball, what else would I be referring to, poetry? Hah! That’s hilarious. There are no poet societies in Port Katherine.

See you there,
Someone who definitely does not run a poet society

((OOG: Hey, Sad Secret Poet Society is meeting at 9:30am Saturday morning in the green space by the tavern. Anyone is welcome to attend! You are invited to bring poetry you have written yourself or ones that you just happen to like a lot! We will have some time to listen to some readings and there will also be a poem published in the newspaper that we can discuss. All kinds of poetry are welcome! See you there! ))