Navy traditions

Rather than just email staff I thought it would easier/faster to post here.

Quick question- I’m assuming the Kithiran navy has its own unique traditions and protocol. In building out those traditions is that something that’s left to players, staff, or a combination of both?

An example is naming ships. The US Navy has specific traditions for naming different types of vessels. Destroyers are named after Navy and Marine Corps heroes and ammunition ships are named after volcanoes.

Would the Kithiran Navy perhaps name Man O Wars after former Queens or Admirals? Medical ships named after virtues? Beefing up my background and so it could be relevant. Thanks!


Names I’ve seen include HMS Venture, HMS Osprey, HMS Evergreen, and HMS Firebug, so other than “single word” names, I’m not seeing much pattern. (I don’t know what class of ship most of those were.)