Lost and found summer 2023

I forgot to mention, but I took home the Port Katherine Lost and Found box. If anyone lost something at game and wants to see if it was found, please reach out to me and I will be happy to look for it and return it if it is there!

There are some swords, bags, hats, and guns. If you think you are missing something, it may be here


Here are some pics of the lost and found as it stood during cleanup, if that helps! If you see your stuff in these photos then George probably has it.

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The box of Wegman’s plastic cutlery was mine. I will not miss it if someone else wants to use it. But I’ll come clean it up if it remains.

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One of the more flintlock nerf guns might be mine since couldn’t find it after the big fight where put my gun in the pile to be loaded and fired by whoever was available.

The black western style gun holster is mine.

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