Interfaith Discussion- Souls 1723

Good evening,

I would like to formally announce my plan to hold an interfaith discussion this souls. I know these used to be held by Ffion and I believe they brought many together. I am not sure at what time but I was considering some point in the morning on the second of souls. Hopefully after navy muster so as many can join as would like. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

  • Samuel Kovatch

I’m interested, and I imagine Anna (@girlinbrown) would be, as well. I’d like to keep Ffion’s traditions alive and continue to spread my late friend’s message of acceptance and collaboration.

If I may put forth a personally-relevant topic, I was wondering if we could discuss how to meld faiths in a family, and specifically how to hold a multi-faith wedding to best respect all parties involved.



Agreed! I’ll surely be there (barring local disasters). -Anna


Excellent. With luck, my plan is to hold it up by the clover where it was previously held. This time just after navy muster. I’m not sure what Souls will have in store for us, but that’s about the time off the top of my head I have seen most folks free.