How to Name BGS for Maximum Staff Happiness

Nothing in this post is mandatory, and I don’t want to make anyone feel any pressure to conform to these guidelines. But I’ve been asked this a few times, and I want to let everyone know what we actually do prefer.


  • My favored way for you to name these is "Lesson: “Name of Skill” or “Name of Specialty”

Beekeeper/Gardener/Farmer/Dissection/Distillation/Research Assistant:

  • My favored way for you to name these is with the above name
  • Combine everything in one category into one. If you have Research Assistants helping you (for Distillation/Dissection), just note it in the one BGS, rather than separating it out


  • One entry called “Chemistry: Known” and one entry called “Chemistry: Unknown”
  • Do not break out entries with Research Assistants


  • Call it “Coordination”
  • If you’re using your focus to coordinate, call it “Coordination: Using Focus”


  • Put it all in one entry, named “Engineering”

Political Influence/Research/Experimentation

  • Name it “Political Influence: Topic” or “Research: Topic” or “Experimentation: Topic” as appropriate. Don’t include the amount used in the title, but please do include it in the body.


  • We don’t have a skill in our game called Network, but if we did, it should be like Political Influence.

In general, try to split out all entries that are different. For example, if you have 3 ranks of Research and want to research three different things, make three different BGS entries. It’s a ticketing system, and that way I can send it to the various staffers who answer is more easily, rather than having to make sure we each send it on to the next without accidentally resolving the ticket and making it dissapear.

I’m sure I’ll think of more easy ways you can make our lives easier, and - again - none of this is required, but I do keep getting asked, and it really does make it better.


Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine


Does staff prefer we list the amount of each skill we’re using in the topic (for example, 1 Research - Who is the current ruler of Tiyago)?

I’d prefer you include the number in the body of the BGS, not the title.


This is all useful, editing my bgs now

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For engineering, is it helpful to either note that we own the schematic or else include who we are borrowing a schematic from (including the guild library)?

Also, is there a typo in “Lesson: or”?

Please note where you are getting the schematic in the body, not the title.

And I fixed that issue. The forum software was treating what I was writing as code.


Thank you very much for these preference guidelines!

whoops I already locked my lesson with just the profession title… well, next time!

Oh, and question – what about for submitting newspaper articles, general focus naming, or other miscellany?

For a lot of that, it doesn’t matter. Whatever makes sense to you.

Would Laborer go in the giant list of beekeeping, etc?

Yes. (period because posts must be 4 characters)

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bumping this since it’s been 2 years, lol