For All The Pitballers Out There!

Did you know you can learn some skills from being a Pitballer? Here is what I know is out there. (Not sure about the lessons themselves, but here are a couple of the skills available).

  • Pitballer Reflexes (3): Whenever you are hit by damage, you may spend uses of this skill to reduce the damage taken by one. You may combine multiple uses of this skill to reduce particularly damaging hits (e.g. Cleave, Strike), but you may not use this skill to reduce the damage from calls that do not specify numbers of damage (e.g. Pierce, Assassinate).

    • Pitballer’s Dodge (3*): Spend three uses of Pitballer Reflexes to call resist to any non-special melee or packet attack.
      There might even be a better version of this that works on bullets.
  • Zeeke Estrella Daví


I know what I’m learning the rest of the year

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Oh wow, Pitballer’s Dodge is I think the only thing I’ve seen that lets you “just say no” to a melee Pierce, aside from Spirit Displacement. That’s pretty sweet.

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Join the sports crowd

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Did it also take a lesson to unlock the profession, or plot and cp?