Favorite moments: Dawning 1723

What were all y’all’s favorite moments and/or quotes?

I’ll add mine when my brain is working again :stuck_out_tongue:


Seeing this note in my BGS:


[OOG: The shore battery mod will be happening at 8pm Saturday in big mod. Please meet at the small door on the river-facing side of the mod hall. A staffer should be there to explain the mod (or tell you we’re running late). Staff would like to underscore that this mod has a reasonably high probability of taking your character out of game for the rest of the night, and there will be a choice presented that may cause your character to final. The staffer will go over the details of the mod with you, the choices available, and the impacts of those choices before the mod starts.]


Demyan: “Tea, please explain to Velenza about my spice tolerance.”


Meeting the Steve cultist(?) poorly hiding a knife, who pointed out that I’d dropped mine, and then asked if my knife was named. And, when I said it was unnamed, he said that he’d name his knife, if he had one


Jakob to Tiyagan soldier “Surrender now and you will live”

T.S.: “It’s too late for that.”

J: “If you don’t surrender now, I guarantee you will die”

T.S: “You can try”

Tiyagan Soldier then backed into the Kithrian Navy line and, in my mind’s eye, was sliced into chunky salsa. With a “BMV Pierce” from the flag bearer.

Jakob: “… Well… I did warn you.”

  • Drinking alone talking to the Lillywhite Gravestone about how he didn’t know anyone at the graveyard really but just wanted someone to talk to after losing Ffion

  • Getting the Dragonfly Book

  • Egg racing and learning more about Pitball. Go Foxes! (The Shit talking between the two coaches was glorious)

  • Gathering recommendation letters to present to Clarity to become a policewoman

  • Getting the job of Policewoman

  • Surgery after the Shadow fight. See yall in the summer

  • Warning Thaddeus about the Taming of the Pru only for Seren to start reading the articles about it out loud

  • Clarity scoffing at that fucking weird paper that showed up and pointing out its mistakes

  • Helping in the final battle and gathering a squad to kill the snipers.

  • Assassin’s Kiss oil to take out a Tiyagan surgeon

  • Talking with the people around me in the final fight and the shock that we never seem to talk outside of when we fight side by side.

  • I have to go to tea now.

  • Finding Annaliese’s hat and the Everheart boys saying I solved my first case.

  • Kovatch had planned a particularly unethical revenge to torment a shadow if he could capture one. He had even paid a surgeon a head of time with the stupid tax in mind for if it went horribly wrong. Unfortunately, while I wanted a rather dark moment of revenge, I hadn’t secured the Pin Ffion gave Kovatch to both sides of the edge of the hat so the metal hit my forehead as we set up the line and in a small moment Kovatch decided he would try to be the better person Fffion would have wanted him to be


I enjoyed being a sheep perhaps too much

Avy getting intimidated into better performance

Obviously raising the flag even though I was holding baby :baby: :skunk:

Yelena threatening to bite someone :rofl:

The kamikaze explosions were fucking neat :boom:

Speed running the ritual

Watching Jeggy send Zed to his first surgery

William chasing enemies out of the tavern

Winning hide and seek

Idk it was great I love you all

  • Ferryman is GOOPY
  • Dauphine getting married to Sibella for a day but also for forever still
  • Dauphine and her twin Edme staying competitive via their pitball teams
  • Radumil’s existential crisis (wasn’t on the schedule, but I needed a “Radumil palette cleanser” after Ffion’s ffate)
  • Sending Brady like 12 letters from random Zlotan citizens and their uninformed opinions on his politics

The entire pitball training. I loved the competitiveness, and getting to bond with the team! Thanks Foxes, for letting the Krakens win something :heart::wink:
Getting genuinely amazing compliments from everyone I married forever and today.
Being about to leave, and having Elliot (snack merchant) come out with snacks and running them over to my dear wife Damienne so that they didn’t die in every fight.


I missed so much, but here are some from when I was there:

Being used as a literal meat shield against the Revenant and getting criticalled (I kind of asked for the first part)

Seeing Seren read the newspaper article about Taming of the Pru to Thaddeus, who immediately ordered a drink.

Giving Pru relationship advice during the final battle. I could finally speak again.

Realizing how bad we all are at charades and how I will not stop choosing to not speak.

Tossing the rotting limbs into the Tiyagan fort and setting the meat tornado on them. Worth the Crit.

Watching Rhett get even MORE rodent plot!

Being Beary Lywd!

There are so many more good moments!


Getting to raise the flag again after not being able to for a bit.


My sweet baby bird waking up to eat a lot of fish and some of Zed.

Being a part of the Navy rescue squad.

The Glorious Choir ceremony.

Hustling the Heron King into giving me the 100 bell egg reward for some “shinier” coins.

Deleting the shadows that kept assaulting the tavern.


Oh That’s What You Did!


Oh! How could I forget: Boxing!!! So much fun! Next Festival I plan on running a tournament


My chickens also hate the markesa!

Guys I’m going to get rich there is an Onzeken prince in Zlota all I need to do is give them my bank account information.

Going fast but thankfully not too fast into the Tyagin lines on Sunday

What is a Chupacabra? It is like a vampire. What is a vampire? It is like a Chupacabra


Seeing Radmuil drinking the bubble drink from the bar, and asking him, “Oh, is the lucky lovefish tea done already?” The look I got was priceless.


Learning I’d invented the “Poison Pen” elixir that lets someone turn Research into Assassinate.

  • “So the solution to this situation [dancing plague] is bondage, clearly.”

  • starting to fall down a littol hill up on The Hill and then taking a trip and then starting to roll back up from the momentum and then immediately getting a pierce square in the chest


  • Rhett staring me down as I healed a Tiyagan tank in front of me and then immediately getting tagged with a pierce to the stomach

  • okay back to spring merchant actually, I dearly appreciate all of you who went “ooooo snacks? Gimme five of them now. Please.”

  • okay spring merchant again but leaving staff center and immediately hearing someone go “awww oh my god” was delicious

  • hearing about Gideon’s accidental meat tornado taunt at the Tiyagans in staff center was just. so good.

  • expecting the captured players to be even just a little bummed about missing some in game stuff and then them walking in hollering and cheering

  • going up to players as Lou saying “okay I got a good deal for you, okay. Okay. Three ducats and I give you best seat in the house. Five ducats and I’ll object to the wedding.”

  • Rukiye calling up Lou and Stu (Hugh) and me immediately going “wait did I do a crime?” and Rukiye saying no and then being like “Okay because you used the same voice you use when you see me do a crime”


Rukiye’s singing for Silas after everyone has a chance to speak when his body was being sanctified and quieted.


Near the end of the final fight against the Tiyagans, a few of us were approaching a single enemy who’d split off from their line. We were being a little hesitant, so Vail shouted something along the lines of:
“Come on, there’s like ten of us, get him!”
Right then a second Tiyagan arrived and shot him in the chest. There was a pause, during which someone else counted the actual number of us still standing and said:
“Well, there’s six of us.”