Fashionista/Fashion Mechanics, Summer 1722

A question for staff! This coming summer event will be the first time that we have both fashionable AND unfashionable items (and 5 of each, to boot)!

How does this work fashionista wise? What I can imagine is two scenarios:

  1. Each fashionable item is worth 1 PI, and each unfashionable item is worth -1 PI, allowing players to earn between -5 and 5 PI this game, depending on the combinations they choose


  1. Fashionable status still only awards either 0 or 1 PI, and this is determined by your net fashionable status. 3 fashionable items + 1 unfashionable items makes a positive 2, you get 1 PI. 4 Fashionable items and 5 Unfashionable items makes -1, you get 0 PI. 3 Fashionable items and 3 unfashionable items makes 0, you get 0 PI.

Which of these two options would it be? And, if it happens to be FOIG, how would you like players with Fashionista to record this data? In the past I’ve submitted a BGS entry that says “these people were fashionable”, and then I’ve listed who I noted in game. Do you want to know specifically which fashions they used this time around?


Q. Which option is it?
A. We have never stated what the benefits from dressing in appropriate fashion have been, nor do we intend to change that stance. You are, as always, free to guess from your results.

Q. What should we record as characters with the fashionista stat?
A. Whatever you like.