Electricity useage survey

Hello Port Katherine. Given our increasing usage of electricity and also the advent of technology that can interfere with powered devices, it seemed prudent to collect some information about our usage. The goal of this survey is to determine both how much electricity we need and who has devices that would be adversely effected by the lack of electricity. If for some reason you use more than 5 electricity please contact me directly.



There’s no Option for NEEDING 0 electricity…

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I just left the “Need” question blank


Please note that I may need less than I stated, because my item has the option to Deplete itself for an effect, and eventually I may not “use” any despite having things that run on electricity

you should be able to just skip the question if the answer is 0. i understand that electricity needs will change over time, this is just an attempt to gather what things look like at the moment.


It looks like the survey is already closed - are you still collecting this information elsewhere?

ugh, sorry. first time running a survey. i’ll look into it but if you can PM me the minimum (if you need any limbs powered thats your minimum) and maximum (limbs+ anything else) amount of electricity you use that would be extremely helpful.