Electricity Handling

Hello all,

We’re adding some structure to reduce the ambiguity around electricity and its manipulation.

Electricity is not an item you can hold or carry or anything. It is either in the generator mill, in a storage device like a battery or a capacitance jar, or in a device that uses electricity (like a powered limb or snow cone machine).

We have a generator mill prop! It’s the big wooden wheel that (should) live down past the flagpole by the near end of the bridge. It will have a sign and everything. It will also have a small tupperware container for reasons explained later.

Since we do things like auction off electricity, we’re going to be printing little “electricity tickets". They entitle the bearer to go down to the generator mill and spend 30 seconds there charging their device with electricity. Please cross a box off the sign and put your ticket in the tupperware, where it is now out of game. These tickets are physical items, can be passed around, traded, or stolen. As long as you have a ticket, the people at the generator mill will give you the electricity. If you don’t, they will not. Tickets expire at the end of the event.

Skills or effects that modify the production of the generator mill (like the Surveyor skill, for example) should be entered as a BGS, so that we know to make more tickets.

Skills/objects that generate electricity at point of use should discharge that electricity directly into the device being powered.

Devices that require electricity between games (ie. a honey super) will need to be charged at the event.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Do batteries and such also get tickets for staff tracking purposes, or do we just put the thing next to the battery and say it’s charged (and the battery discharged)?

Batteries and such do not have tickets. You just set the thing down and declare the charge moved.