Donations: Summer 2023

Ok, it’s donation time!

If you plan to donate anything on this list:

  • Post here that you plan to donate, so we don’t get duplicates and I can update the list.
  • Forward your receipt to so we can make sure to get you CP for your donation.
  • Make sure to change your Amazon delivery address before you buy something for yourself, so I don’t get your stuff!

Please mail donations to:
Brian Misamore
8 Mount Pleasant Street
Woburn, MA 01801

A. 1x Slip and Slide
B. 1x Squishy Foam Balls
C. 1x Clipboards
D. 1x Markers
E. 2x Foam Block
F. 1x Headband
G. 1x Tights
H. 3x Tadpole lures
I. 1x Water Blasters
J. 1x Red Tablecloth
K. 3x Bins (no substitutions, please)
L. 1x Morph Suit
M. 1x Bugs
N. 1xLights
O. 1xXylophone
P. 1xHat
Q. 1x Gloves
R. 1x Clothespins
S. 1x Tape

A, all of H. and both of E

I can get L.

I’ve got O because i’m dying to know what you need a xylophone for.

I can get I

I’ll get G, M, and P.

I will get R and Q!

I can get N & S

I’ll get B, C, D

I can do F and J

I will get K

So the listed red table cloth will not be delivered until the range of June 19 - July 10. Is there an alternative we can go with?

There are a bunch of equivalents on Amazon - should be fine to just pick one and comment with the new link :slight_smile:

Replacement has been found! All set :slight_smile: