Donations: Restock Our Props

Ok, it’s donation time!

If you plan to donate anything on this list:

  • Post here that you plan to donate, so we don’t get duplicates and I can update the list.
  • Forward your receipt to so we can make sure to get you CP for your donation.
  • Make sure to change your Amazon delivery address before you buy something for yourself, so I don’t get your stuff!

Please mail donations to:
Brian Misamore
8 Mount Pleasant Street
Woburn, MA 01801

A. 3x Larvikite Stones (Magnesium)
B. 3x Yellow Aventurine stones (Sulfur)
C. 5x Salt
D. 1x Copper
E. 10xCoal
F. 10xMeat
G. 3x White Beads (2lbs)
H. 2x Diamond
I. 2x Onzekkite
J. 4x Leather
K. 1x Milk Bottles
L. 1xBins

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3 of G
5 of C

I’ll handle K.

I will get H and I!

I’ll get D

I can get A!

I’ll get J

I’ll get all 3 of B.

I can grab 2 of E

@Hikaruchord and I will split F (they’ll all come in one package to save shipping costs!)

I will do 4 of E

4 of E from me
(edited to say that I’m grabbing 4, not 2, to save on shipping. Shipping costs almost as much as the item. If you were hoping to get in on this, let me know if you want to pay for 2 of them)

I’ll pay for 2!

New item added! Help me put this stuff in bins!

I can grab the one of L.