Collecting Pitballers Battle Stories


I am reaching out to members of both the Foxes and the Krakens to write down what members of the teams did during the battle to retake Port Katherine on the Third of Dawning 1723. I would like to record the accomplishments of both teams in taking back the town as I only know so much of what went on during the chaos.

  • Samuel Kovatch

I participated in rescuing the navy from execution, retaking the library and proceeding down the hill past snipers and cannon fire. I assisted the bucket brigade with putting out cabin fires and accompanied you to take out the sniper’s nest. Fought my way downhill with the rest of the town. Said “No” to the evil wizard that was throwing out magical fire and cut down their snipers in the battle at the bottom of the hill.


Does anyone know if there were any Krakens involved in the navy rescue mission?

Thank you for your story Pleasant.

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One of the Kraken’s players is also one of our local navywomen.

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I was able to get Elliot’s story already but he was holding the frontline with myself. Thankfully I now know Willowby went on the navy rescue mission.