Clarify propagating components

If someone has a component, can they propagate it more than once per BGS cycle if they have many uses of a cultivation skill? Or can each component only be propagated once per season?

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I’ve been given a ruling in the past that to Chain propigation BGS one after the other requires Focus. So if you start with one Acorn, and propigate it into Two Acorn, you MAY then spend your focus to propigate those 2 acorn into 4.

An official word on if this is still the case, or if the new focus use rules have changed that would be great though.

Not quite. The first Acorn was already used, and can’t be used again. Using the Focus would allow you to cultivate the new Acorn, which you normally can’t use in the same BGS that it was created.

Well, cultivating gives you TWO children though? Or is it one child plus the original doesn’t rot then I guess?

When cultivating (or propagating), It’s that the original doesn’t rot, plus you get a new one.

you may use this skill on a common component you check in at the end of game. The next game, you will receive back the component you turned in, plus a second of the same component.

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We should probably get a staff clarification on this, because I’m pretty sure I’ve “double-cultivated” one component into 4 before, but it may have been before a more recent ruling on how focus can be used.

You can double (or more) cultivate using a focus. The focus is required for feeding the results of the products of your cultivation into subsequent rounds of cultivation, but the origin of the component does not impact whether or not it can be cultivated.


thank you!