Clarifications on the Extra Kidney Elixir

The Extra kidney elixir states, “You may (silently) resist the next death strike or critical effect you take.”

  • I’m guessing “death strike” is supposed to say “critical strike?”
  • Is a “critical effect” simply any swing, packet, or bullet that has the call of “critical,” or does it also include things like staying poisoned too long, assassinate, or coup de grace which are effects that critical you?
  • Since it says MAY RESIST does that mean you can choose not to, and if you do choose not to, is the Malady still over?
  • Does it HAVE to be silent? In very rare situations it might be weird to resist it silently, (such as getting hit with a melee swing of critical in live combat) and it feels cheap/cheesy to drop to the ground as if dead and then pop back up and backstab the person after playing possum. Then again, you’d really be keeping players on their toes if it was done to us too…

I’m going to issue a quick clarification on here because I clarified it incorrectly in the middle of battle. This elixir does not give you a 5 minute ward against critical strikes, which is why the resist is silent. If you are checked for state after the resisted critical effect, you will register as uncriticaled.

  • it should say Critical Strike, yes, thanks for the heads up
  • It should be the Critical call specifically, I will make sure that is also updated on any future printouts of this elixir
  • You may choose not to, and the Malady will still be in effect until you do so (like how other “may” resists aren’t used up until you use them)
  • It is silent, and it is ok for you to fake-fall-over like that, but if you would feel better saying “resist” you are welcome to.

UPDATE: After further discussion of an unrelated skill with a similar effect, I have updated this elixir to “You may (silently) resist the next Critical Strike, Critical call, Assassinate, or Coup De Grace you take.” It now works on all of those effects (but still not on being poisoned too long)


Clearly the solution to poison is extra livers


(That’s also a potion)

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