Calibration and Upgrading Calibrated Items

If a calibrated item is used in the construction of a new item (such as an Engineer’s Light used to build a Surgeon’s Light):

  • Does the resultant item receive a new item number? (I assume it gets a new tag either way, since current engineered item tags also have the item name on them.)
  • Does the new item remain calibrated to its current owner, or is it automatically decalibrated upon becoming a new item? (The only other example of this I’m aware of is the Clockwork Limb upgrading into an Electromechanical Tactical Limb, which can be done “in-place,” but I wasn’t sure if that might be a special case.)

Perhaps silly question, but what is a Surgeon’s Light?

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A newly-developed engineered item that can enhance a surgeon’s working environment with improved lighting conditions to minimize minor mishaps–so new, in fact, I don’t believe it’s even been publicly announced yet. Inquire with your friendly local Engineering Guild representative Scrap Alizé for more details! :slight_smile:


Thank you!

Yes, the new item will get a new number. For staff’s sanity, the new item will need to be calibrated before use.

Please also let us know which calibrated item is being used in the construction, so we can uncalibrate it for you.