Buying and Selling Goods on the Open Market

Hello fellow townsfolk. As our blockade lifts shortly I wished to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the available actions I can take as a merchant to make your lives easier and more fulfilling.

Between festivals I may request an item for you to appear on my merchant lots. I must state that I am merely making sure the item is available, I can not promise a price or quantity at this time. This costs 3 ducats if you then purchase the item through me, or 5 if you refuse. I do accept extenuating circumstances such as a price far different than expected or a quantity far greater than anticipated as acceptable reasons to refuse purchase and not charge the additional fee.

At the end of a festival I can sell anything you desire back into the market, again I can not promise at what price your item will be purchased at. This is a great way to sell old unmoved goods to free up space for newer shinier goods. The price for this is more fluid so please contact me for a discussion about this service to find a price that works best for you.

During a festival I may make contact with Onzekk, and possibly Tiyago to purchase goods that may be difficult or nearly impossible to find in our great Queendom. I can also sell goods to merchants from these nations. I do apologize but do to import taxes, and paperwork this does require additional work on my end and this service will be more expensive. Services to Tiyago start at 6 ducats, where services to Onzekk may be higher due to the tax rate, please inquire about the current Onzekk rate during the festival.

Lastly if you desire a component to be brought to you regularly we can discuss a warehousing trade route. These warehouses specialize in specific subset of goods, such as ores, gems, animals and so forth. I offer both the research to find a location, and the ability to create this permanent connection through my contact network. Prices for this vary greatly so please reach out if you are interested.


What is the best way to get in touch between festivals?

Direct messages through this board, or through fb would be the 2 best ways to reach me


I’d love a look at the onzekk goods list (with an option to buy) and I’d pay whatever the rate is for the privilege.

thankfully looking is free, the largest hurdle is the tax on the purchase and time investment on the purchase… I will keep more lots open this gather so that I can make as many purchases to Onzekk as possible

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That’s two of us interested in Onzek Goods, the more the merrier so we can split up the taxes!

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