Board Candidate Winter 2022: Jerrod

Hello - I’m Jerrod and I play Roderago at Witchwood. I am running for election to the Red Feather Roleplaying board. I’ve been larping for 20+ years and have played & npc’d at a variety of larps. Professionally, I’ve worked in tech running parts of logistics & operations for companies ranging in size from 14 to 8000 people - both from the production sysadmin side and the IT side. My pronouns professionally are they/them, but socially I’m pretty ambivalent.

I was one of the founders of Red Feather Roleplaying and Witchwood. I spent the first year of Witchwood running logistics and then transitioned to being a player. For about 5 years I had been living in California and flying out for each Witchwood game, earning me the distinction of longest commute to game. Now that I have moved back to the Massachusetts area I’m hoping to be more involved. While in California, I helped start an equivalent of Red Feather Roleplaying for the SF Bay Area. I’ve run the Logistics for 2 larps and been on the tech teams for 4 different larp organizations.

While on the board, I’ve run a chunk of our tech stack, including things like mail, rfr board wiki, hosting, witchwood staff ticketing system, and managing backups.

I believe strongly in supporting and growing a diverse larp community, and that it is important that our community be inclusive and supportive of all sorts of folks from all sorts of backgrounds. The RFR board’s job is to help build the infrastructure to let our community and our games thrive.

I’ve been a volunteer for the Mark of the Red Feather since its inception.

If you have any questions about me or anything I’ve said, feel free to contact me either through forums or discord.