Bank update

Hi everyone,
A quick update on the bank:
In the past there have been two types of accounts, short and long term with different rates, and different restrictions on when you can access the funds.
As of early spring, I’m merging all accounts into short term accounts, and have raised the short term seasonal interest rate from 1% to 5%, meaning all accounts have the access restrictions of short term, and the interest of long term. This gives all of you more money, without any seasonal restrictions on access, and makes my paperwork so much easier.

If you have any questions about any of my banking services, please don’t hesitate to ask me either at the festival or between.

Thank you for your time,
Jules Alabaster


Another update for the bank, Countess Stoneguard has had to leave the island, and I don’t expect him to return. As such, I have assumed sole control of the bank. I have someone in place to either take over the bank or in the case of not thinking they’ll be able to keep up with everything I’ve been doing, pay everyone’s accounts out if something happens to me, so as to prevent a situation like my death from causing everyone’s money to be lost.

Also, if anyone wants to make a deposit before I process interest, please let me know in the next few days, so I can make sure that the deposit is factored into my accounting before the deadline to submit stock orders.

OOG Note

Nico has left the game and doesn’t intend to come back at this time as best I can tell. If he does, I plan to continue to operate the bank by myself rather than bringing him back on as a partner.

Additionally, If you tell me you want to make a deposit and how much, and before the BGS deadline, commit to giving me the money before game on next event, your deposit will be counted as having been made in spring, and thus earn interest for summer. Please don’t use this to deposit money, earn interest, and then withdraw all your money again immediately at the start of the event. I’m more offering this for if we aren’t able to meet up to process a deposit during the event.


Oh, I was also reminded I should mention I offer loans, as some people in town didn’t know or didn’t realize.

If you have a big project you want, but would have to save up a while to actually be able to afford, consider talking to me about a loan. I do my best to keep loan interest rates as affordable as possible, this is offered as a service to you rather than a way for me to profit. My goal with the bank is, and always has been, to help everyone in town accomplish their goals.