Artificial Heart Clarification

The Artificial Heart predates the introduction of coup de grace, which generally functions as a quick critical strike. The current wording of the Artificial Heart protects against “critical strike” (and so not the direct critical or assassinate calls). Will a heart save you from a coup de grace as well, or is that sufficiently extra scary that it doesn’t help?


It just protects you against Critical Strike. Coup de Grace is essentially a Critical call that can only be done against unconscious people (with a different name so it doesn’t look the same as the beginning of a critical strike), not a Fast Critical Strike.


After further discussion of an unrelated skill with a similar effect, we have updated the Artificial Heart to also work against Coup de Grace. Congratulations!


Does the Artificial Heart work against Assassinate as well or just Coup De Grace? Asking for the sake of clarity since I am not sure

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