Arcanum Survey

Citizens of Port Katherine,

As our outpost continues to grow and develop, the Town Council has some concern that our demand for arcanum is outstripping our production. Some casual inquiry has put our production in the range of two to three hundred per season, which seems lower than our likely demand. Accordingly, we will be taking a more formal survey over the course of the next week or so.

If you are willing, please respond to this post with:
A) an approximate amount of arcanum you use in a season; and
B) the amount of arcanum you produce in a season (if any).

If you would rather respond in a less public forum, you may reply directly to me, or speak with Sibella Egerton or Teodora “Téa” Teuthida Alizé during the Fire Festival.

Please assist us in discovering whether this is actually an area of concern that needs to be addressed.

Frederick, Comptess Northmarch,
For the Town Council


Thank you, Countess, for getting out ahead of this matter.

I currently produce 10 arcanum per season, and anticipate using between 6 and 8. It is possible I will use less, but that is my best guess at this point.

That is not accounting for the arcanum needed for the library improvements, which would add another 20, but is beyond my ability to supply by myself at this time.

Yours truly,
[illegible crossed out scribbles]
Annaliese Hossler

Use about four, produce none

I use probably 5 max a season, unless arranging for some engineered device to be built. I produce none.

At this time, I tend to not use any nor produce any that I do not randomly find. I will be using some for getting an item made soon, but again, that’s a one use thing. I may decide to branch my mining capabilities and know how into arcanum at some point though.

I use around 20 arcanum per season between loading guns and engineering craft. For what it’s worth, when engineering on commission I’ve generally sourced the arcanum myself and factored that into the cost. I produce none.

From 8 to 15, depending how much RA I’ve managed to buy.

On average 25 per season used, likely to increase.

Currently 10 produced, also likely to increase.

Right now I can use between 4-12 depending on ra and planed future increases for chemistry

I use about 5-10 per season and produce none

I use between 2 and 6 arcanum a gather.

I produce none.

I use between 17 and 25 arcanum and produce none. (But Edric Zale Produces 10 that I always buy)

My use varies quite a bit depending on how many engineering commissions I have going, but usually in the range of 50-70/season. I produce 60 (75 if my mines are worked).

I expect to use 4 to 6 at most.

With the exception of one season, I use 0 - 1 arcanum… If you divide that one season among all the events, it’s like 11 per season, but if you remove that event it’s definitely 0 or 1.

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I produce 20, and use about 5.

Lets try to keep you at 0 or 1, then.


I use between 20 and 30 arcanum per season, increasing with my CP, and I don’t produce any

I produce 10, may try and produce more if we have a large enough demand

I produce 10 and historically have not used any myself but I usually give it to my spiritualist family members for use, and they do not produce any.